Horn of Plenty

Tuesday January 30, 2007

I’ll be leaving for a 21 day trip on Monday February 5th. This will be a cruise on Regent’s Seven Seas Mariner from Buenos Aires, around the horn, to Lima Peru. Unfortunately, my wife Michael will not be able to join me, so I’ll be solo which has its own problems. (Table for one, please.) But, the experience of going around the Horn was too enticing to turn down.

My first chore was to book flights from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires with a return from Lima, Peru. I had tons of Delta miles, and with the possibility of US Air taking Delta over, I decided to use miles and get business class tickets. I’m a lifetime Silver Medallion million miler so i called the Delta “Elite” number. The agent took my itinerary and said, “Please hold.” I did, for 15 minutes. When she came back she said there was no availability and “sorry about that”. Actually, while I was on hold, I booked my entire flight schedule on the internet. Yup, I used miles, got business and first class, and even picked the seats I wanted. Amazing, now that we have access to basically the same computer information, the passenger has incredible power.

So I’m set, but concerned over dining. Mariner has open seating (eat with whomever you choose) from around 6 PM until 10 PM. I’m not sure at this point how that will work for me. I won’t know anyone on the ship, but I really don’t want to sit forlornly at a “table for one”. We shall see how this goes.

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