Getting There

Once again, I thank myself for being smart enough to get a portable, fit in your hand, luggage scale. Airlines make a ton of money charging for luggage over 50 lbs, and with 3 formal, 5 informal, and 11 “country club casual” nights to prepare for, my bags be heavy! Formal is actually pretty easy; tux pants and dinner jacket. 5 informal nights call for at least two sport jackets, 5 shirts and ties, and CC casual is a bunch of shirts and slacks. Since we’ll be in areas of 90 degree heat to the southern tip of South America where it can be in the mid thirties, onshore clothes had added to the whole sartorial disarray.

I found my hotel in Lima on, a great travel site for hotels worldwide with tons of traveler comments and forums. I booked it with Venere, a site that popped up next to Expedia, etc when I searched rates. I’ve had two calls from Lesly from Peru getting details of my arrival so she can send a taxi for me. There are “questionable” cabs prowling Lima, and she wanted to be sure I was well taken care of. All this and the cost of the room is $58.

I leave tomorrow, through Atlanta, on Delta for arrival in Buenos Aires at 8:45 AM, their time, 3:45 AM Los Angeles time.

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