First Sea Day

February 8 Thursday sunny 75

This is our first full day at sea and there are tons of activities scheduled; wine seminar; two different “enrichment” lectures, one by the former ambassador to Ecuador; dance classes; needlepoint; bridge lecture; even a class in Bocce. And if you had the interest, the casino was giving gaming lessons along with a glass of the bubbly. Champagne and chips?

The activity that interested me was a discussion group dealing today with “Who will be the next president of the USA?” Thirty-four attended, half men, half women, pretty well split along political lines. The conversation mostly circled Hillary and Obama, the Republicans not yet having to deal with such clearly defined candidates. Obama had the edge with the Democrats. One woman said, “I would certainly vote for a woman for President, just not that woman!” Conversation drifted to security, immigration, and Iraq, but moderator, Cruise Director Barry Hopkins, made sure to refocus. He did question why the US did not use the voting procedure that is used in Great Britain. Yes, that’s his home. It was an interesting 45 minutes, but not captivating. Tomorrow’s subject is global warming. I shall be on deck in the sun.

A deck buffet featuring fish caught by local Buenos Aires boats was fairly well attended, but the regular La Veranda buffet outdrew the finny fare.


Tonight is Formal and the Captain will host his welcome reception. I’m going to the specialty restaurant Signatures, which is touted as a gourmet experience. It will have to go some to beat Compass Rose. Last night’s duck was the best I’ve had, and the rest of the meal mirrored the duck. Service is alert and friendly.

So far the only hiccup is the forward elevators which are close to my cabin. One of the three is completely out of order, and another has a hole where the button for deck nine used to be. If I’m on deck five, and the luck of the draw brings that lift to me, I push ten and then walk down one.

At 6 PM and room service called. They asked me if I wanted something. With the caller’s accent and my poor hearing, I’m not sure what it was that I might want, but I said yes. Moments later a waiter delivered tortilla chips and dip. Apparently I had the “Privacy” card on my door handle when delivery was scheduled. I was napping and tool it off by 4:30, but the waiter suggested it be off by three in the future. Hmmm, not lobster claws this time. I think a nap will win out over chips.


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