Second Sea Day

February 9th Friday some clouds 65

We are about halfway toward our first port of Punta Arenas, Chile. Although the weather is good and there are no whitecaps, we are plowing through fairly large swells, and the movement is noticeable. Actually, to reach Punta Arenas (Sandy Point), we go inland through the Straits of Magellan. We’ll overnight there in Chile’s first permanent settlement, and what was once one of Chile’s wealthiest cities. But with the opening of the Panama Canal, the glow of affluence started to fade.

To find out about the area and particularly the city, I attended a lecture by Tour Concierge Manager, Alex, who did not appear; instead a woman from the excursion group took his place. She had no energy, and while talking about the town of Punta Arenas showed slides of glaciers. She then talked about a tour to see penguins while showing a long shot of a man in jeans next to snowy cliffs. Looking around, it was a toss up as to who was more uninterested, the audience or the speaker. As I left, a dismal shot of four penguins flashed by, despite the fact that she was describing a museum.

Last night’s dinner in Signatures, the French specialty restaurant (no added cost), was delightful. Caviar and four other courses with many choices. The cuisine (one has to say “cuisine” and not “food” when talking about Signatures) was excellent as was the attentive service. I’ll eat there again in ten days when they make a menu change. I take breakfast and lunch at La Veranda, an indoor-outdoor buffet. I love eating on the patio astern in the fresh air, but I think today will do it for awhile. My guess is it will be cold tomorrow. No worries, the inside area is lovely, set with table cloths, silver and crystal. And the “food’ is good.

There are 57 fairly first run movies that are shown on three channels en suite. Tonight I plan to watch Babel instead of attending the main stage show, a comedy dance team. If I had only known that you could make money by being a funny dancer.

I did my first laundry today. At least I think I did. I can manage the Internet, fix a light switch, and start a disabled car, but I am at a total loss when faced with a washer/dryer combination. Confronted with “more dry”; “less dry'”; “damp dry”; “press care”; “wrinkle release’; and “max extract”; I stood and stared, afraid to press anything. A million dollars to the inventor who comes up with a button on the washer and the dryer that simply says, “Men push this.”

I am happy to say that the elevators are repaired and the route to floor nine no longer has to go through floor ten.

It is getting quite chilly and no one, except walkers in windbreakers are on the pool deck. For some reason, I decided to take a Jacuzzi. The water was warm, but the tiny bubbles (no Don Hoism intended) came from the outside air and they were cold; kind of a weird feeling like cold Alka Seltzer in hot water.

Ah, the appetizers are here. King crab legs!


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