Chilean Fjords 2nd Day

Chilean Fjords 2nd Day cloudy 60
For a short time, we popped out of the fjord system and hit the Pacific Ocean. Overhead speakers came to life. “THE STORES ARE OPENING!” Regent Seven Seas will have a shot at us for a few hours until we head back to the fjords, turn south, and tomorrow morning, dock at Laguna San Rafael. I do hope that the sun will appear by then. I need sun!

Last night, for the second time, I had dinner in Signatures, the French specialty restaurant, and even though caviar and foie gras are on the menu, Compass Rose is still my favorite restaurant. It’s hard to beat the 6 course regular menu, plus “Menu Degustation”; “Light and Healthy”; “No Added Salt”; “Simplicity”; and finally vegetarian choices. And, oh yes, there’s always salmon and steak. Pick and choose, mix and match, and, as they constantly say, bon appetite.

Not much to report today, not even a glacier. It’s one of those days, and even though there were a lot of activities around the ship, I had no interest. This day was mostly spent catching up on things. Is sleep a thing?

To stay true to form, I answered the doorbell when it rang. Ah, liver pate.


One Response to “Chilean Fjords 2nd Day”

  1. roger carroll Says:

    Happy Birthday Geoffee You being older, I always enjoyed your advice. rc

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