Last Day in Alaska

We are on the way to Victoria, B.C. under cloudy skies that occasionally drip light rain. This afternoon in the Atrium a Wii tournament was held for our press group. Wii is an absolutely marvelous computer contraption. I boxed and played tennis, and it cost me around $500. No, I didn’t bet, I just know I have to by one when we get home.


Of course, swinging those hand held transmitters around used some muscles, and it was off to the spa after the matches. The spa on Pearl is large and well appointed. Whirlpools, thermal pools, relaxation areas, etc. I got a massage and asked not to be “sold” any products. For the first time at any spa, not a word was uttered pitching any merchandise.

We all met early for dinner, as some of us were heading into Victoria when we docked at 6 PM. It was Tex-Mex night at Mambo’s and again, a good meal.

The group shared tour experiences. One of the Favorites was in Ketchikan, where almost half of the press crew met at 6:30 AM to be taken to George Inlet Lodge where they were regaled with lore. They then had wine, beer, and Dungeness crab — ..for breakfast! The float plane flight back that passed over the ship and landed nearby served as dessert.



A mother and daughter team went fishing. The mother was from a family of fishermen, her ex-husband was a fisherman. She hooked a nice large fish. Her daughter caught 35! But I beat her daughter at Wii.

Packing time, and I wish I had booked a later flight. NCL has a deal with BAGS (Baggage Airline Guest Services). It costs $15 per person and you’re allowed two bags. Put the bags outside your Cabin door, and the next time you see them is on the carousal at your home airport. What a time and back saver that is! The only hitch is your fight has to leave after 1 PM.

We are sad to leave NCL Pearl. This is, without a doubt, the best ship in its class that we have sailed. We were ranked VIP’s, which helped in boarding and disembarking, but the cruise experience is there to be had by all, and it was outstanding. Service was top notch, no matter restaurant or bar; staff was friendly. I was Mr. Geoff to our room stewards Made and “Wyni”. I loved that there was no formal night, and you could dress as you felt. One suggestion would be to keep aside a few bucks for the dining rooms that charge. The fees are nominal and it’s fun to eat different cuisine each night. That being said, the free restaurants are good, and the Golden Palace is a lovely restaurant.


We’ll be back.


One Response to “Last Day in Alaska”

  1. Ree Judge Says:

    Hi guys, Terra sent this over to me and I love your writing. So did you buy your Wii? Happy memories, Ree

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