Azamara to Bermuda AT SEA

There is now a four hour difference between PDT and Bermuda time. We made the clock switch last night, and then slept until 10 AM. It’s my theory that if you have a meeting or need to get up after a time change, your body adjusts faster than if you just sleep until you decide to wake up.

I went to a meeting where Dan Hanrahan, president of both Celebrity and Azamara cruise lines told us the mission of Azamara. Azamara will be positioned between Premium and Luxury and they hope to attract cruisers from Celebrity, Regent, and Crystal. Azamara will cruise to exotic and off the beaten path destinations with the goal being to attract “travelers” not tourists. There will be no kids programs. President Hanrahan stressed that the benchmark of an Azamara ship will be impeccable service.

The day was cloudy and rainy, so we spent a good bit of time in the cabin. Another cocktail party was held, this time in Michael’s Club, probably the most beautiful library at sea.


At 8:15 we scooted off to dinner at Aqualina, the other specialty restaurant. We were eating early so as to be sure and catch the 10:45 show.
We had six at our table, and menus and wine came quickly.

We were a congenial group and the energetic conversation masked the fact that it took quite a while for the waiter to take our orders.


Decisions made, we went back to lively chat. The appetizers took a loooong time to arrive. Almost at the moment our patience came to an end and banter bogged, the waiter appeared — …with dessert menus!!!!! Something had gone awry, maybe a kitchen problem, we were not told, but did not finish dinner until after 11 PM. That being said, the food was well worth the wait. We’ll be returning there later in the week and are looking forward to it.
We did miss the show but will catch the next one. On this ship there are no soundtracks, the singers actually sing, the dancers dance and there is a live band to keep it all cooking.

St George, Bermuda tomorrow at 9AM. This time we’ll be up


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