Azamara to Bermuda St. George

St. George is Bermuda’s first capital and historically rich. It even has a replica of the stocks and pillory that was used to publicly punish criminals who missed Sunday church services, or stole a chicken. As the clock strikes noon in King’s Square, a Town Crier shouts out the time (perchance for the hearing impaired), and the days events.

I’d love to tell you more, but we never got to St. George. The entrance to St. George’s Harbor is through Town Cut, and ships of size can not make the passage if the winds are more than a breeze. Our cabin speaker ding-donged and the Captain said we would spend an extra day in Hamilton, and then added his trademark conclusion, “Bye for now.”

We were set for a shore excursion to cruise the St. George area and see the homes of the rich. Instead we had an extra day to shop in Hamilton. And, in inverse proportion to Michael’s delight, the chance of being one of the rich faded quickly.

We docked adjacent to the waterfront shopping area.


The day was cloudy, breezy, and muggy. Actually the prices in the stores were equivalent to those in the US, and we both bought some clothes. Not Bermuda shorts, although all the local men wear them with coat and tie.

Bermuda is actually made up of 300 islands, all within a 20 mile long by 2 mile wide area shaped like a fishhook. If there were an unimpeded road from one end to the other, it would take you over an hour to drive it, as the strictly enforced speed limit is 22 miles per hour.. We did, however, see a few law benders doing at least 25. Oh, and you are only allowed to own one car.

Prior to going ashore, we had lunch on the outside rear deck of the Windows Café (think Lido),. The buffet is excellent with many choices of both hot and cold dishes. The soup is great, and salad selection extensive, but there are no trays to carry your plates, and the plates are not large enough to carry a complete meal (soup, salad, etc.).


If you anticipate impeccable service, you’ll be disappointed. I had to borrow two chairs from others our table had none. Most of the tables were without salt, pepper, or sweeteners, and finished food plates sat during the meal without being bussed. Iced tea glasses were small fruit juice sized, and no one came around to refill them. If Azamara wants to compete in the above premium level, someone is going to have to pay attention.

Tonight we are on our own and will eat in the main dining room, Discoveries. Bon Apatite.

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