Azamara to Bermuda Hamilton

The entry to Discoveries is the Martini Bar. It felt like the gathering room in a Hearst like mansion, with dark wood and comfortable couches and chairs. The martinis, well, I haven’t finished tasting them all yet.


Discoveries dining room was superb. Dinner was five courses and although steak was offered, other choices strayed from the usual. We were a party of four at a table for six. We each ordered a different entree; all agreeing it was excellent food. Walter was our main waiter and very sharp. He also acted as wine steward. As on many ships, there is an automatic 15% gratuity added to alcoholic beverages, including of course wine. I ordered a lovely bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris. It was $50, and thus the gratuity was $7.50. But here’s where it gets sticky; the bill said the $7.50 was a “stateroom charge”, and then there was an empty line that was labeled “gratuity”. It stayed empty.

The dining room was full and, although it has a low ceiling one could talk at a normal level and be easily heard across the table. Our table had four chairs and a two person lounge.


Other tables were regular squares and rectangles, but with the lounges here and there, I got a sense of separation from other diners.


I stopped by the show which featured Joe Mulligan, an improvisational comedian doing what was called the Bucket Show. Not listed in the schedule, was Geoffrey Tozer, the nightly piano bar entertainer from the Cova Café. He was the opener for the Bucket guy. It was the first time most of us had seen him standing, and he should never sit again. Terrific showman, good voice, good material, and he swung. He’s a hard guy to explain. He was just on the edge of parody, but had such a good time doing his act, you had to take him seriously.

The part of Joe’s bucket act that I stayed for had him pick a name from a bucket, talk to the person in the audience whose name was picked, and then ask the audience for a musical style. Gospel was shouted out (isn’t it always?) and so he did a song about the guy, gospel style.

Michael and I watched TV for a while. The flat paneled set is an up to the second HD Samsung, and has a great picture — if you are standing. As you know, flat panels viewed from too far to the sides or in this case too far below, lose image. The bed, couch, and chair are two feet below the screen.


Breakfast room service woke us at exactly the appointed time, and we were up and ready for our three stop snorkeling excursion. It was pouring. Intellectually, I figured, so what? I’m going to get wet anyway when I snorkel. Emotionally I thought, yeah right. We went back to bed.

The Windows Café outside area is shaping up. The ice tea glasses today grew to adult size. Used plates were bussed, and all chairs were in place. I blamed the lack of table setting on the earlier rain.



Oh and Peterson is bringing the “savories” and coffee in the afternoon, even though we are in Bermuda.

Tonight the whole group eats at Discoveries, and I shall continue my Martini testing.


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