Azamara to Bermuda Hamilton 2nd


On the way to the Martini Bar last night, we passed through the Cova Café, where a table of friends asked us to join them. The bad news, Cova serves wine, not Martinis. The good news, Geoffrey Tozer was at the piano ….he’s good, but wasted, (OK he wasn’t wasted, I mean not used to his fullest) at the piano. He will be on stage again before we leave. Nonetheless there we were, my scientific Martini analysis halted for the night.

I think you’ve discerned that Journey is the result of a concept quickly realized, and is still getting things together, but there is no doubt that the kitchen has arrived. The food and choices in Discoveries are on the higher edge of the new “Deluxe” category. The cuisine is certainly equal to, if not better than what we have experienced on ‘luxury” category ships.

And speaking of coming together, today no rain, and all the outside tables at Windows Café were set and paid attention to. Today, we ate inside. The interior of Windows feels like a private club. In fact all the public rooms of this ship have that old, established, country club feeling.

We shopped in Hamilton, Michael for a necklace and me for a shirt.img_2440.JPG


As I’ve mentioned, Michael is the world’s best negotiator. She has never failed to get a price reduction, even in US stores like Neiman’s. But, my friends, Bermuda has stopped her cold, whereas I, the clod shopper, got 10% off on a really cool shirt from Mambos.


Now, granted, Mambos is not her type of store, but I didn’t even ask for a deal. The saleslady admired the jade hanging around my neck and said you have such good taste; I’ll give you ten percent off. It will be awhile before my lovely wife recovers.

The staff of the Bermuda shops is far different from what you find in the Caribbean. There is no sales pressure, in fact in one jewelry shop we almost had to plead for help. But then, the saleslady knew us better than we thought, as we were not ready for the prices being charged. There are no bargains here, except of course, at Mambos.

Ship’s decorative art is not usually reviewed. Some ships are known for their collections. On some the art on the wall jumps at you; on others it is just strange, but on Journey It is subdued, sometimes humorous. It’s attractive and in keeping with the private club feeling through out the ship.



I’m not sure what we’ll do tonight. Michael is worn out from banging against the wall of “Sorry, we don’t do that.” Tonight, there is what is billed as a new game show unique to Azamara. I’ll try to make that, and hope I have to pass through the Martini Bar on the way there.

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