Azamara to Bermuda Heading Home

Music bounced off the buildings and into our cabin around 6 PM. A food and music festival was underway on Hamilton’s water’s edge street.
The food carts and trucks reminded us of Tahiti’s every night doings along the waterfront. Although the food looked interesting, seeing the slices of fish flipped into the bubbling oil from our cabin’s altitude


set us in motion toward Breeza, which is actually half of Windows Café transformed into a dinner bistro. We ate outside, under a single star poking through the clouds, and ordered from the four course menu. Dinner was good, but interrupted by a sudden rain which dampened the tablecloth ambiance. We scurried into the other side of the room which is a non-tablecloth sushi, pasta, and stir fry buffet. I did have a Martini, not so great, and decided to give up my scientific experiments, at least for this night.

The next stop was the game show. We were not there for the rules explanation, and could not figure out what was happening. The cruise staff has taken a bit from trivia, mixed in some Pictionary, and a non mute Charades. There were three teams, but no score card. Team Blue won in the end, but we don’t know why. Everybody had a great time, and then it was, for them, on to the Bermudian Folkloric Event and BBQ on deck. Since we had earlier walked by the single Weber BBQ being frantically fanned to no avail, we passed and headed for the cabin. I think they had forgotten to open the bottom vents on the Weber.

This morning featured a galley tour where Michael spent a lot of time hovering around the chocolate.


For me, although a semi-vegan, the Kobe beef looked delectable. I’ll have it tomorrow night in Prime C and I don’t care!


This is not a huge ship, and the galley is compact, with no wasted space. Head Chef, Pales Milos from Slovakia, has only been aboard a week or so, and has major plans for the near future. By the end of August, there will be new dishes on the menu, and a new food presentation. And I thought the kitchen had arrived, but the goal is loftier than I imagined. This will be a culinary experience once Pales’ tactics become reality.

Tonight we will do the buffet, then go to a 7:45 pm cocktail party (after dinner Martini?) where we are promised some surprises. From there to the show, “from the Cotton Club to Sinatra”. Fifteen minutes after Candice, Kimberly, Natalie, and Rob leave the stage, it’s the “Amazing and Amusing Carl Andrews”. Funny magic from what I’ve heard. I hope the Martini works.


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