Azamara to Bermuda last day at sea

I still didn’t get that Martini, but tonight for sure, as we are meeting friends in the Martini Bar at 6:30.

The surprise last night was magician Carl Andrews doing close up magic for our table at the cocktail party. There were five at the table and he was clooooooose up.


Absolutely amazing sleight of hand! He did dice and card “magic”, and as far as I’m concerned, it could well have been magic.

We all went to the show, which was actually a repeat of one earlier in the week. This is not lavish costumes, moving scenery, and chorus girls rotating in big hats. There are five, count’em, five in the entertainment group; three women and two men. They are attractive, energetic and just plain fun. The music is live, not tracked and you can count on a good time. I mean when was the last time you heard a hip version of “boop boop dida dada wadam chew”? When was the last time anybody even tried to spell that?

This morning I had a complimentary spa treatment. I get confused in Spas. I am never sure what to take off, what to leave on, whether to shower first, last, or not at all, and I’m always afraid I’ll snore and drool during a facial. I got around my fears by choosing the Pro-Collagen Grooming Treatment With Shave. Wow! One hour and twenty minutes of shave, rub, pat, stroke, and pamper. Spas on ships are not cheap, and the $95 dollar cost of this treatment is about standard. I’ve had this on three different ships, but nothing like this. If you make this trip, her name is Laura.

Lots of sunshine today, the pool was busy, the band playing, and a light breeze easing the heat. Journey is about full, but never seems crowded. We have yet to experience a line at the buffet or any event.


The early afternoon was set aside for wine tasting. Five wines, two whites, two reds, and champagne were offered up. The sommelier was careful to say that this was a tasting, not a “drinking”, but there were more than a few empty glasses. Hey, we’re travel writers after all; can’t write about half a glass.

More good stuff will be poured tonight in Prime C as we gather for the last time. Then a show, then pack (Oh No), and get ready to debark in Newark.

This ship, as a work in progress is changing as we go. (The new pool lounges just arrived last week.)


The specialty restaurants, Prime C, and Aqualina were $30 surcharge including gratuities. Aqualina is now $20, Prime C is $25. Each cabin gets one free specialty reservation; the suites get two, gratuities not included. The tasting menu at Aqualina is $50, and is not included in the complimentary offers.

An officer of the Azamara Cruise line told me that by the end of August, this ship will be awesome. I have no doubt.

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