Pisco Before The Quake

A devastating 8.0 earthquake hit Peru, its epicenter close to Pisco some 40 miles south of Lima. Aftershocks as large as 5.9 hit last night.

Pisco is known as the Galapagos for the poor; its Paracas National Reserve made up of various islands inhabited by pelicans, penguins, cormorants, Peruvian boobies, and Inca terns. There are also turtles, dolphins, whales, and hundreds of sea lions. This is a major tourist attraction, and only reachable by boat. Humans are not allowed on the islands themselves.

I visited Pisco in February, 07 on a “round the horn” trip on Regent’s Seven Seas Mariner.


Here are some photos I shot of Pisco BEFORE the quake. They don’t capture the entire town, as they were shot from a bus, but I hope they’ll give you an idea of that area.



Hopefully, the music will come back.





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