Ready for Another JOURNEY

Cruise Critic tells me Michael and I have 17 days, 9 hours and some seconds to go before we once again sail on Azamara’s Journey. I think I am more excited about this cruise than any I’ve been on before. I am not sure why. 

There has been a flood of rumors about Journey.  To start, the word is that Breeza, with its tablecloths, wine glasses and waiter service is no longer available. This comes from a person currently on board. Azamara, on the other hand says it is so available, along with new menus.

Breeza took over half the “lido” dining area including half of the rear outside deck. Eating there under a full moon at port in Hamilton was a delightful experience.

The thing is, in these days of internet communication, it’s hard for corporate PR to get away with much hype. So is Breeza functioning or not? You’ll find out almost as soon as I do if you read this blog after October 27th. 

Next Rumor:

Open seating will disappear and assigned seating will take it’s place starting with our cruise of October 27th; this from a couple of passengers who have talked to wait staff. My e-documents say I have second sitting. Others who will be on our cruise have documents saying open seating. The Maitre D’ told other passengers that they are working very hard to make open seating successful, and it will stay as an Azamara Journey fixture. Which will it be? 

Next Rumor:

Self service laundries will be installed for Journey’s South American trips. Ours is part Bermuda and the rest South America. Does this mean we’ll only get half a laundry?

You’ll find out almost as soon as I do if you read this blog after October 27th.


Final Rumor

The French drummer and the English pianist who were rooming together got into a fist fight in their cabin. I don’t think we’ll ever find out about that one. 

What I really want to find out is if their Internet is finally up to speed. If it’s not, you won’t find out because this blog will never see shore.


One Response to “Ready for Another JOURNEY”

  1. Shelby T Mitchell Says:

    Have fun my friend. You and your wife will have the time of your lives!

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