Hamilton First Day

There are some other journalists aboard. Last night Hotel Director Niyazi Korkmaz put us all together for dinner. We first had cocktails and introductions and were joined by an old friend, Ramon Santos, who is Celebrity’s Corporate Manager of Restaurants. Our paths have crossed many times during the years, but nowI would get to talk to him at length. He chatted with me over drinks and then at 9 PM, we all moved into Discoveries Dining Room. But first, of course, a group picture.


You see the two lovely ladies in red? Well, that’s the last I saw of them. Ramon sat at the far end of the table for 11. His was the red end of the table.

Niyazi and Eddy on his staff told us with great pride about the changes that had happened on Journey, including the dishes, and even the silverware. I looked closely at a knife and said, “Why does this say Holland America?” We were off and running. Great food and company.

So far we have been impressed by all the staff we’ve encountered. Our Butler, Caetano, is wonderful. He constantly checks to see if we need anything, and makes the Azamara branding of ‘deluxe” just that.p1010600.JPG

The robes are Frette, the towels soft and absorbent, and Caetano brought us down pillows to augment the comfy duvet. The flat screen Samsung TV is on a flexible mount and can be viewed at most angles. Anything more, and I’d have to pry Michael out of the cabin. Good news for this blog, the Internet so far is speedy, and at 38 cents a minute for a $100 package, relatively economical.

We had some rain last night, and there is a tropical storm that is forecast to dump a lot of rain on Haiti. It should be gone by the time we get there on Friday, but if it turns north and develops into a hurricane, we are going to bounce around. But today it is lovely in Hamilton.p1010350.JPG

The entrance to Hamilton is flanked by lovely homes, but we saw no people until we docked.p1010607.JPGp1010605.JPG

The town is full of motorcycles, cars and pedestrians. Parking areas are filled, even for cruise ships.dsc00035.JPGdsc00049.JPG


Each of us was searching for a particular something in Hamilton; Michael for a necklace, me for Bermuda Stew.

Michael found a necklace that she loved. Last trip here we hit every jewelry store in town, but nothing clicked with her. I am so proud that I found the store today that had exactly what she wanted. She bought a beautiful piece; I went ooh and ahh. After the transaction, she told me the price. As the saying goes, pride goeth before the SHOCK.

Also, the last time we were here, I asked a store salesperson where I might find Bermuda Stew. She actually stared down her nose at me, and told me I’d have to go out of town for that.

dsc00032.JPGToday, on the way from ship to town, I asked three Bermuda security agents where I might find Bermuda Stew. None of them knew what I was talking about, then one suggested I must mean Bermuda Fish Chow(der). So I set out to find Bermuda Fish Chowder. All the restaurants along Front Street have menus outside, and most had Bermuda Fish Chowder, but one said, “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.” Up the stairs to the second floor restaurant we went.



The chowder was astonishing. It’s made of different Bermuda fish like Wahoo, Rockfish, and anything else with fins that took the bait. It’s served with two pitchers, one with cherry pepper, and the other, rum. Pour them on, stir it up, and change your life. Now, remembering the hassle trying to find traditional Bermuda Stew, can you believe I found it in an Irish pub?dsc00045.JPG We also had crab and shrimp cakes; the best I’ve tasted. Tomorrow, I’m going back for a traditional Bermuda breakfast.

On the way to dinner tonight, Michael wearing her new necklace, we took the elevator. Each elevator has three waist to ceiling mirrors, so she could admire her new baubles from all sides. I, on the other hand, confronted by my reflection, front, side, and back, had a serious dent put in the self image I carry around that was formed and preserved in brain cells about 30 years ago.

Tomorrow another day in Hamilton, and I take the stairs.



One Response to “Hamilton First Day”

  1. Wilder Lewis Says:

    Hi Geoff

    I hope you’re going to answer the rumours you’ve been spreading (oct 9) about the Azamara Journey! We sail on her at the end of November and your sleuthing would be most helpful.


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