To Labadee Haiti

 We pulled out of Hamilton under sunny skies and sailed out of the channel meeting fairly calm seas. As the day progressed, wind came up, and whitecaps mirrored the scudding clouds. Michael spent the day reading, while I kept trying to get a report on Noel. I think we’ll hit some weather by early tomorrow morning. According to the weather woman on CNN, the NE part of the storm carries the most rain and heaviest wind gusts. We will bounce through that section of the storm. Journey will be at sea until Friday. 

Journey has updated their TV offerings so that with a “click” of the remote, you can check your account (I don’t advise that until later in the cruise), order wine, food, excursions, movies, and more. 

When Journey first sailed, writers and passengers loved the ship, but most referred to it as a “work in progress”. Well, the work in progress signs can come down now. This ship has it together. Waiters, housekeeping, bartenders, all are attentive, friendly, and pleasant to be around. Although Azamara has branded Journey as Luxe, the open space between premium and luxury, she is jostling luxury for the front of the line. Prices for now are set to entice passengers unfamiliar with the brand. Some great ports await. This is the opportune time to grab a cabin. 

Although last night’s lychee martini eased my jaw pain, maybe I should have spent the $300 dollars. The pain localized sometime in the night, and is now firmly entrenched in one lower tooth. I called my dentist in Beverly Hills, and asked him if he knew a good dentist in Haiti. Har de har har. He suggested antibiotics and pain medicine which Dr. Catia Reeves, the ship’s Dr., prescribed and I’ve started that regimen.  She is from Columbia, and looking forward to our port calls in her country. 

Tonight we’ll dine at Prime C. I still remember the image of the rare lamb chops a tablemate had last time we were here. I am not a meat eater…..or better, I was not a meat eater…..tonight it’s lamb chops for me. 

Later, we’ll check out the first of the featured shows, “That’s Hollywood” with a cast of five. Even if the show is terrible, people will save their “boos” for tonight’s Halloween dance party. (Lord, I go out of my way, and yours, for a lame joke). I’ll try to have photos in tomorrow’s blog. 

We are watching the threat of a writer’s strike. No writers means no work for actors which means no trouble finding a waiter in Hollywood restaurants.




One Response to “To Labadee Haiti”

  1. Shelby T Mitchell Says:

    That is a real possibility Geoff of a writer’s strike. Sad but true. But one good thing though…at least the NFL isn’t affected! You can tell I am a fan! As well as a fan of you! Hope you are enjoying your trip! Have a great one!

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