Labadee Tomorrow

We ate in Prime C on Halloween Eve. The charge for Prime C is $25 per person. The other specialty restaurant,, Aqualina, is $20, but a one time visit is complementary per cabin. Neither drinks nor gratuities are included, pay or free.img_2419.JPG

While Prime C offers delicious sea bass, it is known for its steaks and chops. They have, for an extra $8, Kobe beef. It comes from Idaho. I wonder if you can get Kobe potatoes too.

We were met, not by a Maitre D’, but by a waiter who had an awkward time finding our reservations. Prime C’s entry area has a wood floor, a long table for at least 14, a lovely bar, plus two tables for four. One side is glass illuminating a wall of wine bottles. You get an upscale tavern-like feeling here. The rest of the restaurant curves around the stern of the ship, is carpeted, and quite cozy, with windows to the sea.

We were placed in the entry way at one of the tables for four, set so we faced a wall. We were the only diners in the room. My lobster bisque was good as was Michael’s sashimi style tuna. My popcorn shrimp and her lump crab cakes were disappointing. Her sea bass was excellent; my rare lamb chops made me question my decision to not eat red meat. Then things fell apart.

We ordered dessert, and sat at a bussed table (except for one lone empty plate off to the side) for fifteen minutes. No waiter in sight, no coffee offered, and I was on a timetable so as not to miss the show.

We’ll try Prime C again, but as of now I consider it Prime C-.

The show was wonderful. No elaborate costumes, no changing scenery, just two guys and three girls singing up a storm. A simple story was woven into the act. The movement, the music, and the energy of this group was delightful, and the standing room only audience loved them. They’ll be back again and so will I.


Then it was Halloween time. The Looking Glass Lounge was spider webbed, and hung with skeletons and skulls. p1010616.JPGCruise Director Becky handed out prizes for best costume and scariest laugh.p1010613.JPGp1010614.JPG

We scuttled away through the webs for our cabin.

I had been wondering about Noel and during the night we got some bounces, but nothing disturbing.

It has been cloudy since leaving Bermuda, so we’ve not spent a lot of time on deck. Thursday, we ate in Windows Café at an outdoor table, and then Michael toured the stores. img_2496.JPGThere was one necklace to which I stamped my foot and said, “NO”. It was 6 feet long on the wall.img_2497.JPG

By late afternoon we were bouncing, rocking, and doing that funny ship quiver that happens every so often when waves and hull converge at just the right moment. At dinner, I ordered a not inexpensive bottle of red wine. When Alex, our waiter, poured the wine, we got a lurch and a quiver and he missed the glass. Laugh. My red pepper and cream soup was yummy; at least the first two spoonfuls. As number three reached my lips, my stomach said, “not tonight, pal”. I rushed out of the dining room, napkin still in hand, and headed home. img_2500.JPGNo more laughs.

Scrambling for my Acu-Strap morning and travel sickness wristbands, I positioned the buttons over my Nei-Kuan points (who knew I had them) and hung on. Either it, or lying down, worked and my two spoons of soup remained in place.


2 Responses to “Labadee Tomorrow”

  1. Gary and Susan Trachtman Says:

    Hey Geoff – We’re in Cabin 8042, and have been looking for you at our CC functions – your name tag went unspoken for. Hope you did not run into problems with your home, with all of the fires going on. We pretty much agree with your observations on Journey so far. Trying to check out the report of a stranded fish on a Deck 7 verandah last night in the storm. Having a great time here.


  2. owen edwards Says:

    What would be wonderful would be to see a map of the route with the ship’s progress indicated. Is that possible?
    Great stuff, as always, but how’s the tooth?

    And who’s the beauty sitting alone at that table?

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