To Santa Marta

The sun, boss, the sun! The sea is moderate (I have no idea what that means), and there is a nice breeze.

If you are a member of the Captains Club, you can fill a ship supplied laundry bag, and they will clean and fold it for $20. Since the coin laundry won’t operate until voltage converters are installed in Miami, we sent off an overstuffed bag and then headed to the sundeck.


We’ve lost any TV as there is “an extended network problem”. So, no football and no scores. If USC loses again, I’ll be forced to ceremonially burn my SC shirt and hat. My Duke stuff stopped smoldering a long time ago.

Tonight the show group performs “Twisted TV (appropriate) in what is called a comedy revuesical. They don’t seem to have a collective name, but go under the heading of Amanda-Jane, Brandon, Brooke, KJ, and Natalie. We’ll catch the 7 PM show and then a 6 PM dinner at Aqualina with the hotel manager, Ramon Santos, and our new friends from Norway.

Tomorrow we visit the Azamara Quest, Journey’s sister ship, in Santa Marta, and then check out the town. There are no Santa Marta maps nor any Santa Marta information at the shore excursion desk. Because, they say, this is the first time the ship is visiting there. Hmmm, isn’t the first time just the perfect time for a map?

We are one week into this voyage. So far, Michael has read The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Clarence Thomas’ My Grandfather’s Son, and The Worldly Philosophers. I have read about 30 pages of “Spy”. Our dinner conversation is slightly one sided.img_2502.JPG

The teak and thick cushioned lounges are the  most comfortable on which we’ve dropped our bods. Michael is already planning where to put a couple on our pool deck. I’m still working on paying for the necklace.


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