San Andres


We couldn’t actually anchor off the San Andres coast as the change in depth went from too deep to anchor, to too shallow for the boat’s keel, in just a few linear feet. Caption Smith kept engines running and kind of hovered in position for the time we were there.

We headed for shore about 12:15 PM after a 15 minute wait for the tender. From Journey to dock was close to a 20 minute tender ride. There was a lot of security throughout the whole “port” area, but everyone was sociable.img_2564.JPG Actually all the people we met on the island were friendly. At the end of our visit, as we left for the ship, each guard (at the guard’s initiation) shook hands with me and said goodbye.

Our tender group went to the gate and sort of milled around. We had no idea how to get to town, what the taxi rate was; indeed we didn’t even know the rate of exchange. The excursion desk has been quite slipshod in getting information to passengers who are not on tours.

We teamed with another couple, found a cab, and negotiated $5 per person to town, about a 20 minute drive. The cab let us off at one end of a promenade flanked by all kinds of shops.img_2569.JPG He pointed down the walkway and said, “The beach is that way.” As we walked towards the shops, owners were coming of their doorways. Were they coming to greet us? No, afraid not, they were coming out to lock up their stores.img_2571.JPG La Comida Horas were from 1:00 until 3 PM. Thanks Excursion Desk! Sorry about the inconvenience.

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I always try to sample the popular local dish. In this case it was Rondon. The first cafes where I inquired had no idea what I was talking about. Michael, figured there’d be good restaurants at the beach, so we walked the empty mall. There was a lovely restaurant, sans Rondon. But, a waiter knew a place. He grabbed a cab for us, and the four of us were off to the Miss Celia O’neill Taste Restaurant.img_2577.JPG

All of us ordered from the funky menu, img_2579.JPGand my asking for Rondon brought a smile to the waitresses face. img_2581.JPGWhat is in it, you ask? Here we go:

Fish, snail, pig tail, breadfruit, yucca, and something called name with a funny symbol over the “n”. All of this in a coconut base. img_2583.JPGWas it good, you ask? My honest answer — .compared to what?

Our cab waited for us and it was back to the ship. This time $16 total.

We ate dinner at Prime C with Cruise Director Becky. She is not only a good CD,img_2608.JPG but a delightful dinner companion. it was a bit strange though; she had to excuse herself to go to the theater and introduce Jeff Nease, the comedian. I had to excuse my self and do a broadcast to The Cable Radio Network. We kept regathering at the table. She had to excuse herself to lead the applause at the end of Jeff’s show. Somehow it all worked out and the service and food was superb. In my book, it is now Prime C+.

Back to the cabin and international CNN. I am hoping that tomorrow we’ll sail into the footprint of CNN USA. What is life without Larry King?


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