Miami Tomorrow

The “group’ under producer Barbara Epstein was once again a huge hit. There was tons of applause after each number and a standing ovation at the finale. Then, for an encore, they came back, told us they loved us and danced and sang around the audience taking Polaroids and handing them out to the people they photographed. God knows where they found Polaroid cameras but it was a huge success. I shall miss seeing them perform. Actually knowing they were on a ship would be a big draw for me.

We got our bill yesterday and I had a charge for $88.50 from the wine bar. Not mine! As a matter of fact, it was time stamped when we were in our cabin. I went to the desk around 3 PM and questioned the charge. The assistant highlighted the charges and said they would pull the charge slip over night and I should check back in the morning.

I went by after breakfast and my yesterday helper was not there, but a pleasant woman was, and we started the process — .all over again. There was no record of me having been there, my receipt, or my grievance. She said she’d call “them” and please come back this afternoon.

I came back at 1 PM and my paper work was still in the outbox. Another helper told me to come back at three and he’s take care of it. At three, nothing had happened so he called the Bar Manager, saying that “You promised to have this taken care of and the passenger is here.”

I only heard one side of the conversation, but it was obvious that the Bar Manager was not being cooperative. I was asked to sit for a bit while things got straightened out. Ten minutes later I was told that my assistant had things in the works and that he would call me later.

Six PM; no call; back to the desk; different desk person; Bar manager showed up at 6:30; at 6:45 it was determined that the charge was not mine. If I had been paid by the hour, I could have afforded the damn wine. This is not a good way to run a Purser’s desk, nor, in point of fact, a ship.

In going over other charges at the desk, I found that a Diet Coke from the refrigerator cost $4.00 PLUS TIP. I suggested to her that since I took it out and opened it, I should get the tip. “But,” she said, “they” put it in there.” My further suggestion that in that case we should split the tip, got a smile.

Featured on the menu last night was lobster four ways. A lobster tail, a large slice of lobster ravioli, lobster en croute, and something else that escapes my recall. The meal was Inventive, delicious, and as good as any upscale restaurant might serve. The food for the most part has been excellent, but the main dishes have had there ups and downs. I had the best guinea hen I’ve ever had. A man at a nearby table was raving about his lamb. My mahi mahi was dry, and a friend said his pork chop was dry and tough. The main kitchen is still finding itself.

This evening we’ll eat in Aqualina and then pack. Yummy; Arrgh; in that order.


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