At Sea

I belong to, in my opinion the most valuable cruise site on the net. We have at least 170 members on board and this morning we had what is called a “Meet and Mingle”. Voyager set up a room with coffee and tons of goodies for our gathering. We mixed, we mingled, and then the ship gave prizes if your lottery ticket matched the number called. There must have been at least 30 given away, from a towel and sun visor (Michael won that), to complimentary dinners in Portofino.


Those who wanted to participate had each bought a gift for $10 or under. We donated a luggage scale and a four stage miniature flash light. We each pulled out a number from a pot and when our number was called, picked out a gift. All were beautifully wrapped except one. It was in a brown paper bag and avoided by all. It was sitting forlornly as my number, 30, was called. Of course, I grabbed it and got hunks of chocolate called “Cape Fear River Critters” made by Debra Carter from North Carolina. I also met the donor from Debra’s hometown, and she told how Debra had decided to make these goodies and go into business. They are dangerously good.


I ran into the woman who got the luggage scale, and she was laughing out loud at the joke. She thought this small hand held scale was to weigh herself. She actually seemed disappointed when she found out it was for bags. Suddenly, I realized that most, if not all people, don’t stuff the amount of clothes into a suitcase that we do. She’s probably never thought about how much her baggage weighed. We, on the other hand, are still living out of two big bags sitting on the couch. After emptying the other two bags there was no more room to put clothes away in the cabin.


Remember we packed for two climates. One of them never showed up.


Our Cruise Critic group has two more activities scheduled, one a slot pull, and one a Cabin Crawl. All coming up.




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