Funchal (Madeira) Portugal

I had been looking forward to this tour because of the great photo opportunities. We decided to take my Sony CyberShot; 10 mega pixels, wide angle lens, great zoom. Just to be sure it would be ready and not disappoint, I put the battery in the charger at breakfast. When we were ready to leave, I noticed the battery was not fully charged, but I was sure it was sufficient. I grabbed a thin jacket and followed Michael out the door. The first part of the tour was a Cable Car ride almost to the very top of this volcanic island. I set up a great shot. Nothing. The battery was by now fully charged — … back in the cabin. From this point on, Michael took some great shots on her cell phone. I have no idea how to get them into my computer. Someone help me, this cruise is cursed. The ride up to the top was spectacular. I figure we were about 1800′ from the ship far below. From there we went single file down a narrow road whose width meant nothing to the cars whooshing by. Our goal, the beginning of a wicker chair toboggan ride. Imagine a wicker chair for two with the legs cut off, and replaced with wooden runners. Now imagine a steep and curvy road, asphalt, but not smooth. Sit in chair, two men pull with separate ropes, and you start down. Quickly, the wicker “sled” outpaced the pullers and they ran to jump on the back of the chair runners. From there, by dragging a foot or shifting their weight, they zigged and zagged us down the steep slope. We went fast! This was the most fun I’ve had on a ride. Michael had her eyes closed part of the time and either got some good shots with her cell or called Russia. At the end of the “whoosh” we bought a photo for 10 Euros the tour people had shot on our way down. I’ll scan it into the computer when we get home. From there it was to a Madiera wine tasting. i drank more than my share.

Since I have no photos of this experience, here’s a couple of the dining room and the mall. img_2616.JPGimg_1073.jpgimg_2618.JPGimg_2627.JPG


One Response to “Funchal (Madeira) Portugal”

  1. HGeffen Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for updating your blog. I’m going on the TA from Barcelona to Galveston next November, and reading about it makes the waiting period more exciting :).

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