2nd and 3rd days at sea

 We are having smooth seas and, until today, sunny weather. From “get up” until “back down”, there is only the ship to see and experience. RCCL is a mass market cruise line as are Princess and Holland America. That means the prices are good, but a bit less is done on the luxury side. No body cream in the bathroom, shampoo comes out of a container, on the shower wall, and the soap has no branding. But on RCCL’s Voyager class there is so much more than generic soap.

Yesterday, the Cruise Critic gang did a cabin crawl. Some of our group showed their cabins and we saw different levels of cabin choice (read cost). The most impressive was the owner’s suite. A couple of rooms, lots of closet space, and a big screen TV. img_2655.JPG

Then Michael and I toured the deck area, and watched basketball on the regulation full court, a girl doing in-line skating, img_2683.JPG

families playing miniature golf, img_2686.JPG

and some happy people at Johnny Rocket’s where every so often the servers dance and entertain. img_2667.JPG

One table of two women had six empty milkshake glasses at their table and were working on a seventh. I don’t imagine I’ll see either of them on the Climbing Wall.


The kids have a ball on this ship. They have a special area called Adventure at Sea, img_2678.JPG

but they love the whoosh and splash of the main pool as the ship cuts through the waves. Any one sitting in the first two rows of chairs better not mind wet feet.img_2662.JPG

At this moment we are in the middle of the Atlantic. The first day out CNN disappeared; BBC hung on valiantly but faded yesterday. This morning all satellite feeds were sans satellite until, suddenly late afternoon, Fox News came alive. I wonder if Fox will be replaced when International CNN is again available. I hope not, as international CNN is pretty boring and Fox is, well, Fox. Each time I transmit this blog, (I hate that word, sounds like something left on your face after eating a Big Whopper) I go up one flight to the Library. There is an older couple sitting in chairs looking out over the mall, legs up on short tables, and earphones on. They are there for hours, expressionless but not asleep. I am going to have to find out what is so fascinating.

Today at noon, the Cruise Critic group got together for our slot pulls. img_2717.JPG

Each of us put in $20 and pulled the same machine six times. The machine we were counting on was a complete dud. About half way into the “pull” there was an insurrection, “This machine is never going to pay.”

 “Are you kidding it is SO primed.” img_2705.JPG

“That’s what they want you to believe, but machines don’t get ‘primed'”.

We switched, and the new machine proved itself by giving us some coin clunks in the tray, After dividing our winnings amongst the players, we each got $14 dollars back.

 I went back and put $10 in the first machine. It was not primed.

One strange thing. There is a TV channel that devotes itself to the ship’s progress, the weather, etc. At the beginning it shows an analog clock underlined with “Ships Time”. The picture then switches to a digital clock that is underlined “Ship’s Time”. The two clocks are five minutes apart. So the question is, what time is it? Does the restaurant open when the analog clock says it’s time — .or the digital clock? Or have I been at sea for too long?

Tonight is formal but it feels funny to get so dressed for dinner, and then back to the cabin. We are still fighting sleep. I talked to a couple of guys who were having the same problem. Is the ship putting something in our food to keep us docile?

Tomorrow, I’m going to get on the miniature golf course. I can’t convince Michael to join me. Here I am, a Game Show Host (well I was) and my wife hates games. Something is cursed.



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