Sea day 4



The sea today is again smooth, but the weather mostly cloudy.


If I had a major complaint about this cruise, and it seems like I do, it is the entertainment. Granted I haven’t been to all the shows, but you tell me, how many of these shows would you stay up for?


West End Star, Lynsey Simon;

One of UK’s youngest pianists, David Howarth;

From Australia, direct from Las Vegas, Mario D’ Andrea;

International Singing star. Renato Pagliari;

Rumba/Flamenca with a difference   Ole Ole


This is a boat full of Texans and it would seem something featuring US entertainers might work better. Maybe some new entertainers will board in Puerto Rico.


As for the big production show, I talked about that earlier. Ship production ShowTime, for the most part, is a series of contained numbers with dancing, song and costumes. There are some outstanding choreographers that put a story in the mix, and it carries from the first number until the last; boy meets girl sort of thing. These shows occur infrequently, but when they do, it is a joy to be in the audience.


So with thoughts of Renato, and Mario, and Ole Ole in mind, I was less than excited to be invited to see Alexey and Olga and the International Ice Cast. But as platinum members of Crown and Anchor, we were invited to a special performance. We decided to go, the taken bait, an attached cocktail party


Karen, our enthusiastic Cruise Director scared us right off. She introduced the Ice Show by saying “Please don’t forget to applaud.” What? This show is so lame we have to remember to applaud?dsc00189.JPG


Wow, was that suggestion not needed. This was a stupendous show, every skater was featured at one time or another, and there wasn’t an instant of ennui. The costumes, the choreography, and the fact that we were on a ship in mid-Atlantic, made the whole experience dazzling. dsc00203.JPG


At shows finale, there was a protracted standing ovation. Well deserved!


As part of the show, a woman was pulled out of the audience, and seated on a throne on runners. She was gently pushed here and there, as if the performers were doing their act for a “Queen”.


If you sail RCCL’s Voyager class, do not miss the Ice Show. And if you are pulled out of the audience, please uncompress your lips, and smile.


While the food in the main dining room at night is good, the lunch buffet on Voyager, though ample, is not particularly imaginative. The deserts however are pretty good. But I do want to show you the ice cream out of the machine. Use your imagination.dsc00230.JPG


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