Fifth (whew) Day at Sea

First a note:

This is the first ship we have been on, since Norovirus started to show up, that has neither medicated wipes nor dispensers to eradicate germs from the hands. The only time I saw one was reboarding the ship in the Canary Islands, and that was provided by the Canary Islands. I know I could ask, but I also know I will never find out. The ship’s “Cruise Compass” does print this reminder everyday:


“Medical experts tell us that the best way to prevent colds, flu, and gastrointestinal illnesses is to simply wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water after restroom breaks and again before eating any thing. Your cooperation and assistance with this matter is appreciated.”


On another page they say not to save deck chairs and “Your cooperation and assistance with this matter is appreciated.” Try enforcing that!


I felt a lot safer with the dispensers at the entry to all dining areas.


Just typing this I have the urge to wash my hands….and I did.


Not too much to report today. We did watch the Adult Dodgeball game on the sports court. There were some determined players,dsc00239.JPG

, and one or two who just stood there and got bombarded. dsc00237.JPG

I thought about joining the game, but it was just steps from Johnny Rocket’s; decisions, decisions.


I had downloaded some photos from my Sony and went to take photos of the Adult Dodgeball game. I got some good shots, and when we returned to the cabin I took my flash card out of the camera to put it in the card reader. Wait a minute, it was already in the card reader. The flash card slot sat empty while I was clicking away. Miracle of miracles, my cam has a small memory of its own. I copied the shots from my “empty” camera to the flash card and they were safe and sound.


Sometimes, being forgetful and dim can lead to surprising discoveries. I mean, was Edison really trying to develop a light bulb or did he just leave his matches in the other pocket?


As we’ve said, we have a nice size cabin. Three things have come together that lead to this photo. One, we, as always, packed too many clothes.  Secondly, we packed for two seasons. Weatherbug said it would be cold in Spain. It wasn’t. And finally, this ship does 7 day cruises, and closet space was not designed to provide for 15 day transitions.


Well, we certainly have enough clothes; it is just tough finding half of them.


San Juan, Puerto Rico tomorrow. It will be fun walking the Port Area. Last time we were there, a Hooters was about to open. Research demands that I check it out.


One Response to “Fifth (whew) Day at Sea”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blogs, especially this one. Would you let us know what cabin type as you in? In the picture it looks like a connecting Junior Suite. Thanks…bring the Voyager to Texas healthy!

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