Labadee, Haiti

When Columbus landed here in 1492 one of his ships went aground and its crew was captured by cannibals. It’s rumored that they spent a good deal of time explaining to the hungry natives the impending perils of high cholesterol! 

Labadee is a peninsula owned and operated by Royal Caribbean, and staffed by Haitians who have their homes near by.


Michael and I were here a month ago on Azamara’s Journey, owned by Royal Caribbean, and photos can be seen in an earlier blog. There are lots of water sports, five beachesdsc00297.JPG

 and wave riding galore.


Prices are fair, but some experiences are cheaper than others.dsc00275.JPG


Since this is my third time here, and Michal’s second, we spent our time on the almost deserted ship in the sun, reading, relaxing and chatting with neighbors passing by.


There was a big barbecue on the beach for which a lot had to be transported from the ship to the grills on Labadee.


 At noon, there were plenty of available tables on board.


My broadcast to KION did not go well. I connected after a bit and was waiting for the Preparation H commercial to end when all the bars disappeared and my cell was useless. I then called on the ship’s ship to shore connection. At $7.50 per minute it was:


“I can hear you, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you.”


“Now you’re breaking up”

“I can hear you fine now.”



We finally gave it up, but the ship would not refund the cost of the non-connection.


Since we had the time, we took a few shots of the interior for you. The first is looking down from an upper floor.


This is the Gingerbread display in the Windjammer Café.


Tomorrow at sea heading to Cozumel, Mexico, off the Yucatan Peninsula.




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