At Sea to Cozumel

Several cruises ago I discovered the cocktail, Golden Cadillac. This is a margarita with Gran Marnier floating on top. I ordered one a few nights ago. The bartender when asked if he could make me a Golden Cadillac, trumpeted his 10 years experience, proceeded to make it, and then put all the ingredients in a blender. Close, but more used Volvo then a Golden Cadillac.


Last night, about two hours before dinner, I felt I needed a drink. I went to the first bar and was told they didn’t do that there, but any other bar on the ship could and would. The next bar was not far down the mall,

img_2726.JPGand I asked the bartender if he could make a Golden Cadillac.


“What”, he said.

“A Golden Cadillac.”

“A Golden Cadillac?”


“Yes, of course.”


I watched him look in a drawer and come up with a big book and start leafing through it. I assumed he was looking up the GC. He read, then he poured from a long, thin bottle. He read again, then poured from a fat bottle.


A yellowish liquid with some foam on the top came across the bar.

“Your Golden Cadillac.”


The good news was he charged me less than the first bartender. The bad news: I took it to the cabin, sort of forced it down, and for some reason decided to call room service to bring dinner. Michael just stared.


Today was fun. We made it to breakfast in the Windjammer Café, and then headed to the deck for some sun. It’s amazing, there are 3,100 people on this ship, yet there is never a line of any substance.


Although kids have their own area, they have a ball with their parents in the larger Jacuzzi pool. dsc00310.JPG

In the smaller pool a scuba class gets the divers ready for the reefs in Cozumel. dsc00299.JPG

Well, in truth, not all of them have taken to the idea of being underwater.


Lunch was at Johnny Rockets. We only had a half hour until the Belly Flop contest, but didn’t have to check our watches. As we arrived the servers were dancing. In a half an hour they’d dance again.dsc00314.JPG


I love the belly flop contest. The winner was as expected,


 but the runner up was not expected by anyone. When was the last time you saw the Staff Captain of a ship this close to the water.dsc00322.JPG


Tonight’s our last formal night, and the dinner menu looks pretty good. The entertainment, however, is a matter of conjecture. The artist is Bobby Arvon, singer, impressionist, and pianist. He is, according to his main credit, “Of the Happy Days TV Theme”. Huh? I feel drawn to this.


Tomorrow Cozumel!





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