The Captain always makes an announcement when we get to port to let us know that the ship is cleared. He ends each announcement with a different “Confucius” saying.


This morning he raised some eyebrows with this:


“Frogs never drink, so why go to Senor Frogs”; and

“Man who farts in church sits in own pew!”


I can hardly wait to hear what he says when we dock in Texas.


The cabs to town are now completely organized. There used to be a line of Volkswagens and a line of people, but if you crossed the street, you could grab a cab without getting in line. No more. The cabs, Nissans now, come in an orderly line to the departure area and whatever cab is next is what you get. The fare is $6 per cab, not per person. The vans charge more.


We found, however that the big vans cheated and charged $6 per couple, so instead of a group splitting the rate, each two had to pay the full six dollars.


Today there were 5 ships in town; yesterday there were nine. We tied up next to Mariner of the Seas and between the two ships discharged 6000 people onto the streets of Cozumel.


With the amount of people disgorged every day, there are no more bargains in the shops. img_2764.JPGBut then out of thousands of shoppers, the stores had yet to come across Michael.


She has been looking for earrings that clip on for quite awhile. Finally, in a shop that was quite lovely, but had no name outside, she found the perfect pair. I was not at all keen on spending any more money, and went outside so my non-smile would not bring anyone down. After a bit she came out and said the earrings were $1,200 dollars. BUT, she bargained them down to $500.

I said, “No!”

She went back in and negotiated again. $350…..a 75% drop. What could I do????


Part of the deal was the earrings which were for pierced ears would be converted into clip-ons. No problemo.

They were perfect and with no tax, a great buy.

“Twenty minutes and they will be ready”, said the saleswoman. We sat on a couch to wait.


Five minutes later, she said, “It will be thirty minutes.”


Ten minutes later, she and the manager approached the couch. “It can’t be done.”

We got credited on our MasterCard, and left. Michael was heartbroken. This cruise is cursed.


We grabbed a cab for the three mile trip back to the ship. When we got out, I felt very damp in the lower posterior, if you know what I mean. Apparently, the last passenger who sat where I did was in a wet bathing suit. I was very uneasy. This cruise is cursed.


All was not lost. In the stores next to the ship, Michael bought a liter of pure vanilla for $9.00 and a strange glass Glock filled with Tequila that started at $54, and ended up at $26. I have no idea who to give this to, but a shot is a shot.


Entertainment tonight was Mack and Jamie. Jay Leno says “Mack and Jamie are the funniest comedy duo working today.” They possibly are the only comedy duo working today, but they are funny. What a treat to see an act so relaxed and inventive.  Prior to the 7 PM show time, a comedy juggler did a 20 minute warm up act; a humorous and talented guy. For me, except for the Ice Show, this whole performance was the best entertainment of the trip.


Tomorrow at sea on the way to Galveston.



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