Last Day at Sea

This is the day to catch the last warm sun as we head toward the rain in Galveston.


The airport of exit, although Galveston has a landing field, is in Houston. This is over an hour drive and expensive (almost $200) if you take a cab. The ship’s shuttle is $26 per person, but, since our flight isn’t until 3:45 PM, it would get us to the airport way too early. For an extra 20 dollars each, Voyager offers a tour of Galveston and Houston in the morning, and then we’ll get deposited at Bush International Airport for the trip back to LAX.


Person after person raves about this cruise. The first contributor to that feeling has got to be the friendliness of the crew. Royal Caribbean puts great stock in their employees showing a sunny disposition and it is clearly evident on this ship. The food is good; the “bistros” in the mall are well attended by smiling, and many times laughing, passengers.


There is an “adults only” section on Voyager, it was too subdued for us, but has comfortable cushions for the lounges. dsc00337.JPGThe pool is warm, and the swirling tubs sizable. Someone asked how they fill the tubs.


As I’ve mentioned this is a mass cruise line, so bring your own robes, unless you are at least a Platinum Member of the Crown and Anchor Society. To be Platinum, you must have sailed five times on RCCL. All kinds of goodies come your way. Free lunch at Johnny Rockets, different gambling coupons, a free beer, etc. Not only that, if you hold stock in RCCL, you get a cheaper rate for your cruise.


The head waiter, our waiter, our assistant waiter and a new face or two brought Michael a birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. It’s intriguing to think that we share something special at this time. When she was born, I was going through puberty.


Tonight’s entertainment was billed as “The Zany Comedy of Rick Novell” also featuring Capt. Gerry, the skipper of Voyager. The 10 piece band opened with two jazz numbers, the second being Benny Goodman’s Sing, Sing, Sing. The drummer was so good he certainly validated my decision not to make a career of music. Capt. Gerry played guitar and sang did one song. It’s funny, when he speaks on the ships loudspeakers, his words get electronically garbled. He ends up sounding like the minister when Mr. Bean is in church.


The Capt. sang a familiar song and had a good voice; it came out loud and not clear. If he wants to quit this job, he’d make a great pilot. I can’t understand them on the speakers either.


This has been a good experience for us. We loved seeing Spain and Portugal, and even the revisit to Puerto Rico was pleasurable. We’ve had fun, we’re rested, and now we’re heading home for the holidays. Unfortunately, the reindeer ran away, but we found a couple of guys to help.


I’ll do a follow up that should arrive on Monday about our tour, trip home, and trying to get my car back from the Hacienda snare. 




One Response to “Last Day at Sea”

  1. Shelby T Mitchell Says:

    Glad that you had fun. Merry Christmas Geoff to you and your loved ones! Love reading about your adventures my friend!

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