i forgot about the car hassle at the Hacienda Hotel. remember, we were going to save money by staying one night at the hotel and the free parking for a week and then only six dollars a day. Well, tips went flying as they had no bell closet and our four, count’ em, four big bags had to be schlepped to our room by a security guy. they didn’t seem to have any bell men either.

Add that to the tips for the guy to get the bags in the van (not a security job) . oh yes, that’s right the van driver had gone next door for coffee.

Arriving home, it was a 20 minute wait for the Hacienda Van. Next came tips for unloading at hotel. I found a security guy and asked him the fastest way to the back parking lot. He pointed and said, “You have to have a room key”.

“I’m not staying here (i had the good sense not to say ‘ever again’, but my car is.”

“Oh,” he frowned. then he went to the desk and got me a room key.

I rescued my car and drove to the entrance to Hacienda. As I was loading the big bags into the car, a security guy said, May I help? I said, “No.”

It was a noble experiment, never to be repeated.

Tomorrow, we leave the rain in LA and head for the cold in Miami.


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