Heading to Baja

As promised the sun was up, the sky blue with a few clouds. Temperature was still in the mid 60’s, but lovely.


We had what some people (Michael) would describe as a perfect day at sea. Sleep until 10 AM, have breakfast delivered by Goran, p1010706.JPG

nosh a bit after 1 PM, take some photos, look at jewelry, take a nap, read, and skip the Captain’s Party. The image of all these people in Tuxedos rubbing elbows, a bit too Penguiny for me.


Obviously, it was Formal Night. On many cruises we skip Formal Night, preferring to eat en suite, but not on Symphony. Actually, on this ship it should be renamed Caviar Night.


We weren’t disappointed. The caviar was presented on top of a sort of mousse of both white and yolk of egg, onion and something, all, accompanied by the necessary tiny pancakes. Absolutely delicious. Want another, just ask.


Dinner was Lobster, Chateaubriand, or both. I had quail and rare Chateaubriand. I normally don’t eat red meat, but with the caviar and quail going down there, I figured my stomach would be too busy to question the red stuff.


As we walked by other tables, no matter what was disappearing from the plates, we constantly heard, “This is the best I’ve ever had!”


On the way out of the dining room I saw something that was upsetting. My sense is to report this rule breaking crewmember; Michael says let it go. But, the health of the ship is at stake. The Maitre D’ was SHAKING ENDS — WITH EVERYBODY!!!!!


Clocks were set an hour ahead last night so, faking jet lag, we headed to the cabin. We both read, wondered who would win in New Hampshire, and fell asleep with visions of attack ads twirling through the night.


Tomorrow Cabo.

One Response to “Heading to Baja”

  1. Randy Bills Says:

    Geoff, Thanks for the great blog. Goran was our Butler last year and he’s a doll. BTW, he looks like he lost a bit of weight—must not be eating all those Skittles he loves so much!

    I was visiting a friend (and the ship!) on the 4th and leaving as you were arriving. I was so envious! Born and raised in So Cal, I’ve enjoyed you for many years and am glad to learn of your ‘new career’ as a travel writer!

    Thanks, too, for posting on Cruise Critic. Glad to know you love Crystal as much as the rest of us!

    Happy sailing!!


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