Tomorrow, Caldera, Costa Rica

Last night we watched the New Hampshire results. To me it was fascinating; the polls and the politicos battling it out.


Although there is a lot to do on Symphony; lectures, trivial pursuit, golf driving cage,p1010759.JPG paddle tennis,p1010756.JPG and, of course, the pool and sun,p1010757.JPG we mostly hung out around the cabin.


The one enticement for us to leave #1060 was the Asian lunch served on deck by the pool. Every kind of Asian food one could think of,p1010767.JPG except perhaps rooster feet, was laid out in a “U” shaped buffet, p1010764.JPGstarting with salads and ending with Porky.p1010768.JPG


Desserts were less Asian than European, but they had an incredible Chinese rice pudding, and I want Michael to beg, borrow or steal the recipe.


When we booked the cruise, we had no idea that the Asian lunch would be happening, and I made reservations at Jade, the ship’s Asian restaurant, for dinner. p1010699.JPG

No fear, the food was superb, especially a crunchy Calamari and Rock Shrimp Salad.


I know we’ll be going back to Jade Garden and Prego more than once again.


I can truthfully say, none of the four of us has ever had a good meal on this ship. We’ve only had fantastic, fabulous, or extraordinary. This is without a doubt the best food I have had, not just on a cruise ship, but ever.


Tomorrow morning it will be breakfast on the Lido Verandah, p1010749.JPG

then a ten minute stroll around Caldera, Costa Rica. Why ten minutes? Because twice around is sufficient.



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