Caldera is on the West coast of Costa Rica. All the ship’s information states that besides some vendors near the pier, Caldera has little to offer. Crystal provided a free shuttle to Puntarenas 30 minutes further up the shoreline. According to the travel guide, Puntarenas has little to offer. Sarchi town is inland about a one and a half hour drive. Sarchi offers local art and craft. So why are we here?


Caldera is used as a departure point to visit the capitol, San Jose. The tourist area of San Jose is about 15 by 4 blocks, and includes a beautiful Opera House and the National Museum.


That last time I was there, our tour guide was quite proud of the fact that Costa Rica has no Army or Navy. Before I could stop it, out of my mouth came the question, “How does it feel to live in a country that no other country wants?”


If by any chance our guide is reading this. I apologize.


We liked San Jose when we were there, but a revisit including that long bus ride on a winding road, was not appealing. San Jose has apparently changed a bit over the years; Symphony now warns of thieves in the congested pedestrian area.


Previously, we took the Rain Forest Aerial Tram, some bus time away. This rain forest is “home to two-thirds of all rain forest species” and, “a little known world of tremendous biological diversity.” We saw one butterfly. Our guide said, “Yesterday there was a Macaw.”


We were supposed to dock at Caldera, but Caldera is a large freight terminal, and one of the large freighters was running late, so we tendered into port.dsc00370.JPG

Though the pier seems more than adequate,dsc00386.JPG apparently some of the seamen had a poor sense of direction.

  dsc00378.JPG dsc00383.JPG

One of the more fascinating sights was a tall ship that looked as if its day had passed. I didn’t see any activity, but this was a big sailboat.dsc00376.JPG It was the Legend out of Spain. I’m going to have to check it out and see what it is all about.


In the port stalls there were some neat wooden carvings including antique cars and biplanes. All the vendors spoke English and none really pushed hard to make a sale.dsc00385.JPG As far as we could make out, they didn’t make many sales.


After dinner we watched the debates on Fox. It is remarkable to see the candidates, and this applies to Republicans as well as Democrats, spend so much time telling us what is wrong these days, and so little time telling us exactly what they’re going to do about it.


We have fallen into a self made trap. It is sixteen steps from our suite to a sunning area.img_2836.JPG From there it is another sixteen steps to a fifteen step stairway to the Lido Buffet.dsc00396.JPG We are taking close to 94 steps from get up to afternoon nap. This must change. Tomorrow we’ll enter the approach to the Panama Canal at 7 AM. For this I’ll (I can’t speak for Michael) be as close to the bow of the ship as I can get. I wonder how many steps that will be?


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