St. Kitts and Nevis

dsc00483.JPGYesterday at sea, the chefs put on an incredible buffet. The desserts alone were more than some could easily contemplate.dsc00484.JPG People were loading plates with the hope that they could lose weight just by carrying pounds of food from one room to another. For some reason, I’m uncomfortable at these kinds of happenings so I grabbed some sushi and headed up to the Lido.


We’ve become friends with Jeffrey, Jonathon, and Carmelo, three Phillipino servers, and whenever we come in the Lido, they get us a table on the outside deck, have ice tea ready for us, and take great care of us. No matter where we are, nor to what member of the crew we speak, the smiles are genuine, and the service is way beyond expectations.


We also found out that anyone who takes more than 100 cruises on Crystal gets their name on a Plaque. There are more than a few names.


We watched the returns from Michigan last night and it occurred to me that the ship ought to take its own political poll. Then they could put red and blue tablecloths and you could pick your political place setting.


Before dinner the Captain had a gathering in his quarters. It was weird to see the officers with their hands behind their backs greeting guests at the door. When I met the Captain, I stuck out my elbow. He smiled and we elbowed hello. I got a chance to talk with Paul McFarland who was the Cruise Director on The Royal Viking Sun when we hit that reef in the Gulf of Aqaba. He has a DVD of the singers on stage all knocked down by the impact.img_2883.JPG He told me I could borrow it. I hope that works out as it will be quite a sight.


Today we are docked at St. Kitts, a small volcanic island next to Nevis, a smaller island with a bigger volcano. The town of Basseterre, with about 20,000, img_2905.JPGhas one tourist shopping area, and beyond, the working part of town.

There are two ships here, ours and the Empress of The Seas.img_2899.JPG Empress was the ship we took some years ago,leading a group from Palm Springs to Alaska. Déjà vu vu.


St. Kitts was fought over and claimed by France, Spain, and ultimately ended up as a British Colony. It now is a constitutional monarchy within the Commonwealth and English is the official language. I don’t know what part of this upset the natives, but I gave smiles and got glares. Tourism is the primary industry, and apparently this freaks out those who aren’t selling jewelry or rum. Give us tourism, that’s cool; just don’t package people with it.


It was a complete reverse of native Arubans. Everyone there speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento, and smiles in all four languages.


With two ships in town, the shopping area was mostly empty. img_2898.JPGMichael finally found the earrings she was searching for, and I picked up a man’s bracelet made of titanium. It is a thing of beauty to watch Michael do her bargaining. I am her helper.


The guy in the jewelry store said, “You might get the bracelet free.”


“Really,” I said.


“Yes, he said, “you just have to pay for the box.”


I made him bring out the box; cardboard and no cotton in it. I argued that it wasn’t worth more than a dollar. Rather than negotiate for the box, he got down to business on the bracelet. We ended at 40% off.


 Michael and I double teamed for the earrings and made the deal for 60% off.


 Watch out Nordstrom, here we come.


Sometimes, sad to say, there is no deal to be made.


Tomorrow Puerto Vallarta.


One Response to “St. Kitts and Nevis”

  1. Randy Bills Says:

    You two are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs! Glad you’re enjoying the Symphony. Give Goran an hug for me.

    BTW, give your Head Sommelier, Pasquale, a thumbs up! Right now,
    He’s working hard on the wines for the next year for us all to enjoy!
    Can’t wait to taste what they choose!

    Thanks for your entertaining perspective. Hope you’ve been able to enoy Alvin Shuster’s presentations….there are none better!!!


    Rand y

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