Almost Home

We are in the first of two sea days heading to Miami.


The Great American Buffet was the feature today. These gala food presentations take place by one of the pools, and attract many passengers. This is the only place we’ve found any lines on Symphony.p1010876.JPG According to the daily Reflections, American cuisine is immigrant cooking; a blend of peoples from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. There were over 50 “treats” from the culinary regions of the US. The favorite; BBQ ribs, img_2960.JPGand Michael recorded it all. img_2957.JPG


With all that food, there were decisions, decisions.


The rest of the day was spent sunning and reading.


We’ll have dinner en suite tonight forgoing the chance to once again put on formal wear. We have a DVD to watch, and of course the politicians making up the truth.


Tomorrow, packing. Arrgh.

2 Responses to “Almost Home”

  1. Terry Sautter Says:

    I have read your comments on this cruise. I had hoped for a more informative read on this ship and the cruise itself. Sounds like you spent most of your time in cabin,you faded at the end.

  2. Chess Says:

    After reading through your blog I’ve got a very clear sense of what to expect from this particular cruise and more importantly from this cruise line. Nothing worse than a boring itemization of every little detail of a cruise. What I want is to get a sense or flavor of a cruise. The rest is left to me to discover on my own. That’s all part of the adventure of travel. If I want all the specifics, I’m sure that the cruise line will be more than happy to answer those tedious questions. From this article I am well informed as to what I might “experience” and for that I’m quite appreciative.

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