At Sea, Miami Tomorrow

This has been an incredible cruise; a suite, a butler, friends, great weather, excellent food, extraordinary service. This ship, to me is the best of the best, and I’ve been on most of them. My conclusion is, when you’re thinking of spending the money for a luxury class ship, spend it with Crystal.

 Crystal is never satisfied with things as they are, but is always improving. Nobu will take over the Jade Garden in February with a newly installed Sushi bar and Asian restaurant, Nobu style. The dining room staff tells us that the standard of the desserts, both in presentation and substance, will be raised from their already lofty point. Beginning with the May 7th  London-to-Rome cruise on Crystal Serenity, and the May 25th Athens-to-London cruise on Crystal Symphony, Crystal Cruises is prohibiting smoking on verandahs of all staterooms and suites.   Last night’s dinner in our robes rather than black tie, but still choosing from the main dining menu, was just what we needed; more relaxation. While we ate the food delivered in courses, we watched the new Halle Berry-Bruce Willis movie, Perfect Stranger, on DVD.The acting was bad and the writing amateurish, at least in the first half hour of the movie. We left it when Bruce Willis was still hiding somewhere near the middle of the script. Ah well, it beat Larry King and his UFO show. We probably should have watched Larry to see him reveal that flying saucers are real and one of them dropped off Britney Spears a while back. This is not the first time we’ve enjoyed the services of a butler, but so far, Goran beats them all. img_2961.JPGWe’ve learned a bit about Serbia, including that in his town there is a 24 hour bakery on every corner. Getting fresh bread at sunup is a mass ritual. Obviously, he is not happy about Kosovo declaring their independence, but I didn’t go too far into that arena. I still wanted coffee in the morning. I’ve never tipped Lido waiters, but this time the remarkable attention from Jeofrey, Jonathon, and Carmelo called for special recognition. While there I met a couple who had cruised 40 times on different ships. They were full of praise for this ship and the crew. Coming back from lunch, our bags were out from under the bed and ready to be packed. Looks like it’s over. Here are a couple of photos still hanging around. One is our bathroom, one my brother’s favorite ship, and a crocodile hanging out in Gatun Lake; the middle of the Panama Canal. p1010675.JPGp1010831.JPGdsc00458.JPG


One Response to “At Sea, Miami Tomorrow”

  1. owen edwards Says:

    Brava, Michael…the photos are always a treat, though just looking is probably cause for gaining weight. Seems that you are stalking one significant weight gainer, and you might do him a favor by sending him his portraits. He seems stunned by the array of food and deserts, but by the looks of his waistline, he recovers.

    The daily entries on the site are so terrific that I must insist you both stay at sea permanently, like the Flying Dutchman or the crazed Ahab (who would have given up on that accursed white whale if he’d been able to have all the sushi he could eat).

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