Miami And Home


We left the ship at exactly the time promised, and, not having to show our passports (because we already had hit the US in San Juan), we were quickly in the luggage area. Luggage was grouped as to tags; pink1, gray4, etc. Crystal makes the porters stand in line, so instead of them flooding the baggage area, you just take the next in line. I got a neat guy, and our friends got Big Papa. I figure abut 6’5″ and close to 300 lbs. Since we had 4 big suitcases all weighing close to 50 lbs. and our friends had three bags, we needed a van to get our stuff and the four of us to Miami Dade Airport.

One van looked at our bags and wouldn’t stop for us. Big Poppa handled the next van in line. He stopped it and started getting the bags to the back. The cab driver said, “no room, no room”. Big Papa said, “room”. I don’t know how he did it, but he got everything and us in the suv. Not SUV, as that would translate as roomy.

All the time he was berating the cab driver, and telling him he knew nothing about luggage, and space, and maybe life in general.

Heading to the airport, it started to rain. The driver, Arnult, turned on the windshield wipers. They went back and forth, but did no good at all. I was in the front seat squinting to see where Arnult was going. I hoped that he was squinting too.

The traffic at the American Airlines terminal was horrendous. Cabs, buses, vans, and Chevys all fighting for the same space. There was a line at each curbside check in. Michael grabbed a space and I pulled the suitcases over the curb. Now there were Hispanics, Asians, and Cauasiand, and us, all fighting for the same space. One woman and her husband pushed their way into line. I pointed one finger at him, then at the end of the line, and said “go there”. He did.

Our luggage was put on the big cart about 10:05 AM. Our flight was at 11:05 AM. The security line was longer than the line at Walmart on the Monday after Christmas. We got to the gate after boarding had started.

I was not in a great mood, but this picture from the AA magazine cheered me up. This Dr. is a specialist in hair restoration.


Smooth flight, a few minutes early, and then home. Unpacking was easy. We had no bags. Our friends had 2 out of 3. About 30 other people had a varying assortment, but not all their stuff.

This is the second time this has happened to us leaving Miami. That airport is a huge mess.

Our bags are supposed to be delivered to us by 6 PM tonight. It’s now 5:44.

Next full blog starts on February 7th from Galveston and Carnival. Thanks to all of you for hanging in there. If you like this blog, please spread the word.


4 Responses to “Miami And Home”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I loved reading your blog everyday – we were also on the transatlantic crossing 7222.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog from the Symhony. We were on the tranatlantic crossing 7222. Also are booked on the Miami to LA Panama Nov 10th.

  3. Shelby T Mitchell Says:

    Sounds like that you had fun though! Always enjoy reading your cruise things. Really interesting! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Lin Says:


    What a joy it was to read your blogs! I worked as an entertainer in the production shows on R1, R2, & R3…had a blast, but I was in awe of how different things were when I started working for Royal Caribbean a couple of years after the bankruptcy stuff (I was in Tahiti when it occurred). Excuse the A.D.D. tendancies, I do have a purpose for writing you, lol. You never mentioned the entertainment (except for the magician) or did I just miss it? Were they much like the “R” ships? Who is producing them? Oh, last question, I promise: DID YOU SEE THE ENTERTAINERS DOING OTHER JOBS AROUND THE SHIP? I’m asking b/c I’m considering working for them….not strongly considering just yet, but we’ll see…I’d appreciate any information that you may have. Thank you for your wonderful stories and pics!

    Oh, and you’re right, the ship looks pretty much the same…((sigh))

    Melinda Harris-Jackson

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