Galveston, Then Ecstasy (the boat)

The Great Storm video is shown at Pier 21. It is a compilation of photos from the storm and its aftermath, along with the words of survivors. Although it was there to see, it was not easy to comprehend the massive destruction and death that storm left behind. The militia was brought in to help keep order, and found part of their job was to force men to load bodies onto carts to be hauled away. Remember there were 6000 dead. One man was quoted as saying, “Please don’t make me do this.”

Some homes were untouched as the debris of others being swept across the island formed a blockade to the rushing water.


Other homes closer to the shoreline, if built well enough, were damaged but many have been restored. The Moody Mansion built in 1895 was hit hard; two feet of water flooding the first floor.


It is now restored and operates as a museum with daily tours. As the horror fades, tourism develops around the site of disaster.

Colonel Moody was an astute entrepreneur; his drive and vision literally made Galveston happen. The Colonel gathered a large amount money over the years, possibly not all due to cotton.


Looking huge next to the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa, Ecstasy was waiting.


Boarding was smooth and luggage arrived quickly. I was exhausted and crashed. Since my luggage was delivered, I neglected to put the “privacy’ sign outside the cabin door. Later when I surfaced, I saw a large basket of fruit next to the bed. I never heard the knock, or the door open and close. Maybe it was the lady from Galvez’s 521.

We were invited to a before dinner cocktail party for the press and were all impressed by the Captain, officers, even the Chef, as they individually came to us for a brief chat.

This ship, although almost 17 years old, has some of the best ratings in the Carnival brand. The cabins are sparseimg_3054.JPG

and don’t encourage lounging around the room which is great psychology on the part of Carnival. Everybody gets out and about; the bars are buzzing, the slots clicking away (well, most of them)

img_3059.JPGand smiles are everywhere. Texas is on vacation.

One pool functions a kid’s pool,


although courageous adults are welcome. The Jacuzzi’s seat six; after four days on board, five. Be ready to meet new knees while the muscles relax.

The Captain says that the crew likes the Texans, which is a good thing as the ship will be in Galveston for awhile. Many passengers are doing their first cruise, and haven’t yet figured out how it all works. In the Lido dining room, the buffet bar is “U” shaped with each leg of the “U” serving the same food. Both serve the same food, and the idea is to start at either end and finish in the center.


“Hey, it keeps on going” flashes in some minds and so they do too. They never seem to get that they are going the wrong way on a one way street.

This morning I had grits for breakfast. At the center point was a choice of wrapped butter, or butter in a small bowl. I immediately grabbed the fresh butter in the bowl and mixed it with the grits. Doing so, I discovered a new dish; cream cheese and grits.

Formal tonight, and the Captain’s table.


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