If you’ve read previous entries in this blog, particularly “The Captain’s Table”, you know I don’t look forward to this ceremonial dinner. For some reason, having an attitude prompted punctuality. The dinner was at 8 PM and I was sitting at a table for eleven at 8:01. It was an empty table for 11. The assistant Maitre D’ made conversation as we waited for the Captain. She is from Croatia, so we had a little something to talk about. I have been to Dubrovnik twice, find the people friendly, and the city good for exploration. Two visits to Dubrovnik, however, can’t carry conversation for long. It was now 8:10, and I was still alone in my Formal Night dinner jacket. A female officer appeared and told me the Captain was upstairs having a drink, and did I want to join him?

Thankfully, I paid no attention to my fleeting thought of responding, “No, and tell him I only have five minutes more to hang around, as a dinner is waiting at another table that has people.”

She took me one deck up, and there at the bar was the Captain, Chief Engineer, and the Captain’s wife, the Hotel Manager. I realized was that this night was the Captain’s Welcoming Party, one for the early sitting, and the other finishing at 8 PM. Apparently the Captain’s Table never starts until 8:30. He likes to avoid the dinner rush.

Half our group was invited last night, and the other half will be there tonight. At 8:30 (not 8:31) we made our way to the table and settled in. Except for the officer’s in dress whites, I was the only man in formal wear. The women, of course, looked lovely.

Dinner was good; there was conversation around the table, the Captain engaging all. I was seated next to the Chief Engineer from Portofino, Italy. His English was good but filtered through a heavy accent. Not to worry, I got most of it. For the rest, I interpreted his hand movements. He told a story about Japan, and I said something in Japanese. He replied, and talked in Japanese phrases — with that Italian accent. A new language was born.

I went to the production show which was canceled because the adagio dancers couldn’t adage. The movement of the ship was slight, but enough to replace the whole production show with a comedian from Dallas. He did Texas humor to whoops and hoots. After three or four “Y’all” jokes, I was no longer in attendance.

Minutes later I was being greeted by my nightly fluffy.


Carnival has a book out showing how to make towel animals. For their next book I offered them my creation; amoeba.


The big production show is now set for tonight. We, according to my observation, will be headed into slightly stormy seas. I wonder if they make adagio cleats.

This morning I was set to go on the VIP Beach Tour Deluxe. Basically that translates to a free ticket, the beach, and lunch. When I first looked out the window it was raining. Back to sleep. An hour later, clouds; not my kind of beach day. I spent the day on board. It was quiet and the golf course was empty.


Had I left the ship, transportation was waiting,


for some it was a long walk to shore.


Carnival has their own pier and it’s in the middle of town. From the far pier, you have to take a taxi to get to shopping. By the way, listen to no one who says there’s so many ships coming in, there is no bargaining done by merchants. Last time we were here my wife was shown earrings costing $1250. We played good guy bad guy with me eventually walking out of the store. Final price? $350.

We soon leave Cozumel and head to Progreso. I was hoping to take a tour of Merida, but I ended up with the Dzibilchaltun (my spell checker just blew a fuse) Mayan Ruins tour. I have seen Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza and Tamul. Except for size, they are pretty much the same. For those who have or will soon visit Chichen Itza, Mel Gibson’s Apocalyptica is a must see.

Well the guys are coming back with balloons on their heads, beer in hand, so we’ll be sailing soon


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