Fakarava, Tuamotu

A beautiful morning; about 82 degrees, still a few clouds, but they were fast dissipating. Apparently, even in rainy season the islands get sunshine.

Because we were bucking a head wind, tacking the ship would throw us off schedule, so we were still under engine power as we approached Fakarava.


It is a flat island, and the attraction today was the beach, the blue water, and beach barbecue. Star Clippers rents the beach from the residents who own the portion we occupied.



They in turn set up two small shops with local goods and did fairly well.


The beach was narrow but worked. People lay in the sun, the shade, snorkeled, and some just sat in the water.


There is nothing like beach BBQ fare. Tables were set up with benches and the cooks fried and ladled away. Most went back for seconds, and plenty of food disappeared into people’s lower regions. Local children were hanging around, not begging, but more in wonderment.

The trip to shore was from Star Flyer, to tender, to zodiac, to plopping over the side and wading ashore in a couple of feet of water.


The “over the side” portion of the zodiac to water was easy and the water was warm. But I must say, after a hearty barbecue, climbing back into the zodiac for the trip back was a feat of weight and balance for some of the heavier passengers.


We sailed at 5 PM as goodies were served on deck.



Sails were up, sea was calm, and the sun was setting on a perfect day.


The evening’s entertainment was a crew and passenger fashion show featuring clothes from the Sloop Shop. For me it was fun to watch. The women guests were good models; the sports crew guys really worked it to shrieks from the women in the audience. At the break, Cruise Director Frederic did his mid-show entertainment. Frederic is about 6’ 4”, thin, with hair to just above his shoulders. He played the part of a male and female duo singing Besame Mucho. His male half began the first part of the song, then he turned, flipped his hair, and sang in falsetto. He sang at least two verses in this fashion. It was very weird.

After the show, everyone was invited to do the Macarena. Everyone in the world, except me, knows not only the choreography, which is lot of arm movement, but also the words. I thought about joining the crowd who were in vigorous motion, but figured I’d probably raise my arms when it was time to jut the elbows and maybe lose an eye. But hey, talent isn’t everything.


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