Bora Bora

I’ve tried to translate “Bora Bora” into English and had no luck. No matter, it should mean ‘Beautiful Beautiful”. But it’s probably better rendered as Pora Pora, meaning “First Born”.


Mike and I finally found the Internetimg_3201.JPG

at the Aloe Café.


We did whatever we needed and then went the pier to board a launch. Our target, a sand spit some distance away, where the water was about 3 to 4’ deep. The Tahitian guide dropped a few pieces of fish in the water and Stingrays came gliding through the crystal clear water. There were about fifteen or so a couple of feet in diameter. This was not like Grand Cayman’s Stingray city where there’s a gang of boats and a horde of people. It was just us and the rays.

To feed a ray, you take a hunk of raw fish, make a fist, and put the bait between the thumb and forefinger. The Stingray has a mouth in the underside of its body. No teeth, but amazing suction. If a vacuum company could duplicate it, they’d make millions. But then I guess you’d feel silly feeding fish to a vacuum.

We all got in the water. There was lots of screaming from the women, and some jumping away by a few of the men, but for me it was a lovely experience. I fed some, swam underwater with a couple, and got back in the boat to take some photos. Camera now works off and on. This time it was off.

Once the rays were fed, our group followed the guide to a reef for some snorkeling. I stayed in the boat and hit my camera.

Our next stop was on the other side of the reef. Again pieces of fish hit the water and quickly disappeared into the mouths of white tipped reef sharks and one lemon shark, who was obviously the boss.


Mask on, snorkel in mouth, into the water I went. After I splashed in, the sharks didn’t hang around the surface, but were not too far belowimg_3207.JPG, and easy to see through the mask.

They don’t seem scary at all until they turn in your direction. Wipe that smile off your face Sharky.

This was a great tour, and it ended with a cruise to a Motu for more snorkeling, freshly picked bananas, and after a quick climb by one of the Tahitian guides, fresh coconut.


All Tahitian guides are young, muscular, with very white teeth.


All Tahitian guides called me “Papa”, showing respect for an elderly grandfather.


Enough, already. That was me with the sharks!!!

Star Flyer provided a tender to the dock at Bloody Mary’s. This is a funky and good restaurant where each evening (except Sundays), the daily catch of the local fishermen from Bora Bora is displayed on ice, where after an explanation of exactly what’s available on your particular evening, the host takes your order directly with the chef. It’s truly a fine dining experience, which has, besides good tasty food, an astounding Bloody Mary mix. I’ve talked to the owner who tells me that he can’t bottle it for export as it has to be fresh. I love this line from their website; ‘The BAR Opens around 9:30 AM (Depending on how much fun we had last night…)”.

Entertainment tonight….. we picked Miss Bora Bora. It worked this way:

Cruise Director Frederic sat in a chair pretending to read a newspaper. Each contestant’s job was to seduce him. Well, not actually, but they had to win over the crowd with their approach, and, of course get his complete attention.

There were no ripped bodices, but some gutsiness that perhaps came as a revelation to a few husbands. Mike Quane’s wife, Lisa, was proclaimed Miss Bora Bora. Her technique of quick approach, stop, and pounce won the day. Mike ordered a drink.

I wouldn’t trade the fun on this ship for all the Broadway hoopla of the big cruise ship shows. Oops, I forgot to mention the orchestra, Ivan.


Tomorrow it’s Huahine, and I’m trying to decide whether to tell you what that name means. After all, there may be kids reading this.


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