Eurodam Inaugural……travel day

There are two timing problems with living some 40 miles north of LAX. One, of course, is traffic. It’s pretty tough to tell whether it’s jammed or flowing freely. (Like that ever happens). The other is Tom Bradley Terminal, where I have seen the lines for TSA baggage scanning start before you actually got in the terminal itself. The point is you must leave enough time just in case.

I am now sitting at the gate and two hours early. There was no line at the British Airways counter. The bags I wheeled to the TSA screening area moved through quickly, the reason being the machine broke down, so they said just leave your bags and we’ll handle it. One can only hope.

I had a chicken burger at the Grill. $11.50!!!!! I thought I was already in Euroland.

Once we board, I’ll have an exit seat even though my ticket said no seats were available until check in. A bit of clever internet manipulation a few weeks ago scored me not only an exit seat, but a slight upgrade.

It’s about a 10 hour flight to London; we’ll arrive at 9:50 in the morning. Then it’s a bus to Southampton, get on the boat AND SLEEP.

We sail to Rotterdam, hang out there for a couple of days, then to Hamburg, and finally debark in Copenhagen. Media, VIP”S, and Travel Agents will fill the cabins. Some will be on for 2 days, some 4 days, some 5, and the rest, the complete trip. But, all will attend the ceremonies when the Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, as Godmother of Eurodam, bangs some booze across the bow

Next a report on the trip and the first day aboard Eurodam.


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