Eurodam Arrival

Kudos to British Airways! Although I was in World Traveler Class (the back of the bus), yet a palatable dinner with choice of chicken or salmon was served along with complementary wine and cocktails. For my 8 hour trip from Copenhagen to Washington, D.C., SAS makes it quite clear that “no food” will be served. 8 hours folks! This beats Nutrisystem.

In front of me on the plane were seats 28 BC. my row was 29 ABC, so I had a no seat in front of me. Plenty of leg room and a narrow passageway to negotiate if I wanted to get up without disturbing my seatmates, a young brother and sister who never moved and watched TV for the entire flight. They were pretty crammed in, so I took the skinny path and stepped around the legs of B&C. B was very cranky.

Breakfast was served in the morning and we landed at Heathrow.

This is an impressive airport. People from Heathrow to Tom Bradley terminal must think they’ve landed at an out building. Heathrow is, however, quite spread out. To get to baggage and immigration it was a protracted walk, three escalators down, a shuttle train, three escalators up, and another walk.

If my wife, Michael, had been with me we never would have gotten past the Krispy Kremes.

The Holland America representative met me and we were waiting for another passenger, Ralph Grizzle, publisher of Avid Cruiser. I guaranteed that he was not on the plane with me, and 30 minutes later she came to the same conclusion. With that she was on the phone, and not a bus, but a Mercedes picked me up for the trip to Southampton.

Since most of the paperwork can be done on the Internet prior to your cruise, Eurodam check in was a breeze. It was 1 PM; 5 AM my time. I grabbed a bite, then hit the bed.

At 5 we had a press conference, then a cocktail party, and dinner at Tamarind.

Tamarind is extraordinary. It’s a new venue for HAL (the cruise line, not the space computer), Asian themed, and a bargain for $15. (Three and a half dollars more than my chicken burger.) Sushi and sashimi come first, then a shrimp soup, and then choices. I had Wasabi Soy Crusted Beef Tenderloin. An interesting touch is the Indonesian women servers; all lovely, most from Bali, and very graceful in their presentation of food courses. Lunch in Tamarind is Dim Sum and there is no extra charge.

Many of our group went to see Clint Holmes perform. For me the choice was Clint, or the Signature of Excellence mattress and pillow.

See you in Vegas Clint.


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