In and Out of Town

Yesterday Alan Wilson of Cruise News Daily and I took a walk across the bridge into downtown Rotterdam.

This city was virtually flattened during WWII (which may explain the joy on this ship as Germany lost the championship soccer match) and was completely rebuilt. A lot of thought went into the rebuild. There are bike lanes on all streets. The bicyclers, and there are swarms of them, have their own traffic lights and right of way. Some streets are strictly pedestrian precincts for shopping, and rapid rail bisects all. The architecture is creative and evokes an “Oh, look at that.”

Some evoke, “Huh?”

After the walk, although tired, I headed for the Holland America Building a block away from the ship. HAL has set aside a room for media with high speed internet, fax machines, and copiers. I had spotted it as Eurodam neared the pier.

I guess I should have looked at the side of the building too. It is now, and has been for awhile, the Hotel New York.

The room clerk told me the HAL offices were in “the red building over there”. Over there I went, wandering through the empty tables of an outdoor Japanese restaurant to the front of the red building. Indeed, there was a sign, Holland America Offices. It was locked tight. Back to the ship I trudged.

I am in so much trouble. Every time I cruise and note that there is a formal night, I dress in black tie as suggested. It bothers me to see that I make the effort and yet many men are in sports coats. Somehow, this time I missed the information about tonight being formal. I have a sport coat. I did buy a tie in the mall, but I’m not sure it’s going to work, the Dutch are quite proper when it comes to evening dress. I may just eat in my room. I am so embarrassed. I mean the Queen will be there!! (Not in my room.)

In my next blog I’ll let you know how it all went and then the one after that, we’ll go around the ship together.

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