Pre Cruise to Hamburg

As of today, this is a pre-cruise, sort of like pre-boarding. Although the guests are paying, this is just a two day cruise for our now 2100 passengers. The Maiden Voyage will leave from Copenhagen for her first 7 day cruise on July 5th. All 1,052 staterooms will be full.

As the newbies walk around the decks I’m sure they’ll notice that traditional Holland America art is still featured,

but there is also a whimsical note here and there.

Something else has been added. For $30 a day poolside cabanas can be rented.

With each comes mineral water, fruit in the afternoon and Champagne, and of course privacy. Think Honeymoon.

The 890 seats of The Mainstage showroom were all filled the first big show night; many were standing in rear spaces.

There are now lines at the Lido. Some of the food trays are empty, but refilled in fairly short order. To my eye they could use a few more hands in the hot food area. Talking about hands; a big cheer for HAL for their distribution of Hand Sanitizers.

They are everywhere. Next step, make people use them.

I finally solved the engineering concept that operates the shower and bath faucets. I won’t bore you with my trial by error confusion, but the knobs are unmarked. Left knob forward turns on the shower, rearward, it fills the tub. It also controls water volume. Right knob forward is hot, rearward is cold. I know it sounds simple, but I’m from LA. I’m sure you understand.

Today, since Eurodam is now “legal” we had a lifeboat drill. The good thing about a new ship is the new life jackets. Yes, they change too and Eurodam’s are easy to don, and comfortable. We were led directly to lifeboat stations, but the lines were not very well overseen by the officers. The Dutch like to mingle, move around, and talk. When the Captain asked that there be complete silence. There was, as he was speaking, complete silence. The moment he stopped talking there was a babble of speech, probably discussing the need to be quiet.

I decided to duck the frills of the Rembrandt Dining Room and stopped by Slice.

This pizza stand is open from fairly early in the day until midnight.

i took the elevator to Rotterdam deck

Elevator Door

and entered into my cabin. i was so tired i didn’t even notice what towelamal was staring at me.

i took a last view of the bridge, thenI fell asleep to the lapping of the waves as we headed towards Hamburg.

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