At Sea for Copenhagen

We are cruising up the west coast of Denmark and will then make a right turn to cruise down the east coast to Copenhagen.

Since we are not in port the stores are open. The stores on Eurodam are virtually open; no doors or walls in the way of your view of the merchandise.

It gives a wide open area, and sure worked for me.

A pullover, that I otherwise would have not seen, and for which i had no need became mine in minutes.

My photo shows the casino empty as many gamblers don’t like a photo taken while they are talking to the Gambling God,

but it has been busy most of the day.

Both the bubbling spa and the gym are mostly empty.

But hey, there’s food on deck!

On deck was a 4th of July BBQ. The deck was full as were the Lido lines inside. Stein Kruse, CEO of Holland America addressed the crowd.

Two people were paying attention, me and a guy in a red shirt.

Tonight I’ll have dinner in the Rembrandt where they will serve from their regular menu. After that it’s packing and bed. In the morning, I’ll transfer to Copenhagen Airport for my 12:20 PM departure. It’s an 8 hour flight with as SAS so succinctly states, NO FOOD. I transfer at Dulles in Washington, DC for Los Angeles on United. Business class this flight and FOOD.

Tonight it’s also goodbye to my cabin steward. He did a great job keeping this single cruiser in some sort of order.

One last entry summing up the balance of the trip and HAL’s 14th ship Eurodam. after I get home i


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