It’s threatening to drizzle. Which brings to mind how threatening can drizzle be?

I decided to not go into town. It’s a bit of a distance, and although they say the trains are safe and simple, with the way things have been going for me, I’m sure I’d get off somewhere in Berlin.

Remember the hassle I’ve had about Formal nights. Well, Geoff, all you had to do was turn your basic invitation over and read the small print on the back. It seems no one else had a problem.

So this is where I now am in life, I can’t figure out faucets, I don’t read the back of invitations, and I need a flashlight to see into my closet. But, that part may not be me. Ship after ship neglects closet lightening. I finally bought some of those lights you stick to the ceiling and run on a battery.

We had a special dinner invitation for this evening for the aft Lido deck at 6:30 PM. Remember that threat from drizzle. The threat was carried out. The dinner was switched to the mid Lido pool for 8PM. No air conditioning, fewer tables, but easy to jump in the pool if the martinis work.

I stopped at the Atrium bar and had a double Grey Goose on the rocks; $15.53 including tip. I checked my receipt, and my drink was charged to someone else in another cabin. It did take a moment to decide to debate the ethical question…… I lost, and so changed the charge and had it billed to my cabin. I think I’ll put this moral question up on

Since I had some time, I headed back to 7086, taking an outside elevator. Six people were in the glassed capsule; none of them looking at the view.

Damn, another challenge. Do I look out at the view and stare into 12 eyes, or turn toward the front and let them focus on the back of my head. I looked at the view. It was fun watching 12 eyes avoid two.

The dinner party was very nice. It’s amazing that the whip could switch an entire setup including food from one venue to another in about an hour.

I caught the fireworks.

Strange to celebrate 4th of July fireworks on the 3rd of July in Hamburg, but still inspiring. Even an extra sizzle what with the rain coming down.

At sea tomorrow.


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