Home Again

My sincerest apologies to SAS. Not only did they serve one meal in Economy, they served two. Why my itinerary showed “No Food” I have no idea. Along with the meals came wine or booze for no charge. It was a long, but nice flight to Washington DC. I particularly loved that you could punch up a camera pointing ahead or one pointing down on the small TV screen.

Those from the Netherlands had a bit of a lifestyle change when they left Eurodam. Smoking in Holland is now illegal in all public places, including restaurants. Well, not all of them. Coffee houses still are licensed to sell marijuana and hashish, and it can certainly be smoked on premises. You can even get coffee.

My connection at Dulles airport left the gate on time, but that was as far as we got. Some weather toward the west was messing with departures and we spent an hour on the taxiway before we got clearance. The Captain put the ground control communication on channel 9 for us to hear. What a confusing mess. I want the name of whatever tranquilizer the controller was taking. He was cool and completely unflappable as he unraveled the tangle.

Holland America now has 14 ships. I have sailed on nine of them. Eurodam is the best of a good bunch. When you are ready to cruise just look for these:


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