Russell Bay of Islands NZ

This morning I was up at six and on our balcony for the sunrise.

I glanced down and was saddened to see what had gone bump in the night. Please tell me this isn’t an albatross.

In the at sea daily newspaper, U.S.A. Times, this headline; “Bush Sends Rice to India”. Huh? But don’t they grow their..……never mind.

A bit after our butler brought breakfast, the ship anchored off Russell in the Bay of Islands. This is a charming town, although many use it as a summer escape, others live there year round. The police station is also the home of the only policeman and his wife.

The largest homes with a view go for about $700,000 US.

Michael found a lovely art gallery.

We didn’t stay long as nothing was under $1000 US. All the pieces were from Italy and some were quite extraordinary. This is the only photo I got before I was told no cameras were allowed.

At the museum we stumbled across the bowl that used to hold missionary soup.

Lucky for me they couldn’t decide what to do with agnostics.

This was my favorite store. I have no idea what was inside, but then I was stoned.

After we left Russell,

we both took in the 180 degree view, and both agreed it was one of the most beautiful regions we had seen.

Tonight is formal and the Captain’s welcoming dinner. We are guests of the man in charge of food and beverage. Tomorrow, on our first day at sea, that report and more.

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