Rarotonga Not

It’s raining.

The waves were high enough yesterday and last night that the ship had to reduce speed. And that took care of the scheduled stop at Rarotonga. We are now headed towards Bora Bora.

It rained all morning, but now at 2:30 PM, the sun is struggling to pierce the clouds and the sea is losing its white and foamy embellishment.

Regent Mariner has a small casino.

The slots

are open all day when not in port, but the tables don’t open until nine at night. Actually missing Rarotonga should give more action to the slots as people wander about searching for something to do.

We passed on Mah Jongg, Indoor Ring Toss, and a look at social life in the Nixon White House. After lunch Michael got back to her Yeltsin book. She’s already two pounds into it.

We love to keep our door to the balcony open when sailing. The sound of the waves and fresh air unencloses the cabin. This morning when Michael opened the door our smoke detector went off. She ran down the hall to get a steward. Never mind she left me in the bathroom and didn’t yell fire. He took the alarm down and said it was too hot outside and that’s why the alarm went off. 78 degrees??? No Smoke??

At lunch we argued about the incident. I know that kind of temperature can’t set off a smoke detector.

“Well, she said, “it did.”

“It must be that the battery was going bad and that was to let us know.”

“But it happened exactly when I opened the door”, she said.

“Coincidence”, I insisted.

Later in the afternoon I opened the balcony door. The smoke alarm went off. She said not a word. But I know every married man reading this has seen that look before.

Tonight the jazz group goes again and both of us will be in the front. I promised Michael, who is not a fan, that she could leave after the first set. It’s hard to imagine giving up Dizzy’s music for Yeltsin.

Tomorrow at sea again.


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